shit getting real

Wow it feels like really long since I’ve been home haha. I’m at SUTD orientation and it’s a stay in camp cos all first years have to live in hostel, we’re all supposed to have double rooms but “due to a higher intake of female students” I got a single room temporarily! Quite grateful for that cos every day has been packed with activities and talking to people already and it’s pretty draining but rly fun!

(I somehow woke up earlier than my alarm and couldn’t rly sleep…. idek why lol we’ve been sleeping at like 1am)

My OG started off quite awkwardly (imo) and our whatsapp group is still pretty quiet but I guess since we’re already seeing each other all day every day, there’s no need to talk much on wa for now HAHA. But yeah most of them are ok to talk to, quite on about games and got a few guys who are super funny and who keep finding ingenious ways to cheat for all our games hahahaha. It’s interesting that there are people from such a big range of ages, my OG’s youngest and oldest ppl are 18 and 24 respectively :O they’re both guys though, the girls are all same year as me. But I realised that all singaporean guys forever keep talking about army LOL

First day was nothing much cos it was mostly admin stuff and quite a lot of waiting around, there was a fifth row (i.e. CCA) showcase and I signed up for 5 clubs hahaha mountaineering, rock climbing, photog, film and I forgot what the last one is called but basically they build cool stuff. I found out that sutd has cheerleading lol and when I was near their booth they asked me if I wanna try so ok just try lor x) I uh sat on a guy’s shoulders but had to get up by jumping! The getting up part wasn’t actually too bad? But when he walked around he kept telling me to relax and no need kiap him so tightly HAHA oops. Being on top is scaryyy. I got a free polaroid though heh :D (in the end I didn’t sign up for cheer btw)

Opening night was kinda weird cos I guess it could’ve been quite cool but the transitions between all the parts were so awkward…. the “grand entrance” was each house’s OGLs walking in down the aisle and they had cool costumes and dramatic music, but I felt the effect was kinda spoilt by the people videoing/photographing everything and blocking people’s view/ killing the mood. -> not sure if I wanna join film cos making cool videos of events is great but is it worth the disruption to the people actually there?? Anyway after that we had an amazing race thing around the campus like with clues to lead you to different places, I wasn’t rly helpful with figuring out the clues boohoo :(

Then we did this thing called secret alien where everyone gets blindfolded and paired up with a random person of the opposite sex, then you have to just sit there and talk for like 1h. Like really blind dating LOL. It was quite weird but interesting at the same time idk how to describe it

Ok time to go for breakfast haha I’ll continue another time


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