mou chou

Lazy to blog about the rest of orientation so just go watch the video it’s pretty cool!! You can see me at 3:47-48 squatting down and getting ping pong balls thrown at me HAHA

So it’s been a week since lessons started and I’m still really liking sutd! It’s kinda like being in army camp LOL weekdays stay in hostel, fri night go home then sun night go back in (as in you don’t have to but I guess most people who live in singapore would do that?)

Staying in hostel is super funnn cos you’re free to do stuff the whole day! The past week was fifth row (cca) try out sessions so can go play random stuff, I went for bouldering frisbee table tennis and a v little bit of bball and vball hahaha. I kinda have a clique alr with 3 guys from my og LOL they whole day talk nonsense and disturb ppl and lie to everyone for no reason and cursing people in cantonese but ya v funny :’) I think if I keep hanging out with them I’m gonna become rly good at responding to insults. Like the true colours thing hahahaha

Lessons have been not bad! Basically for first year the curriculum is fixed and common for everyone, for this term we have to take math phys biochem (combined into 1 subj but so far it’s only been chem) and humanz. It started off boring cos of all the mostly useless intro lectures but now we’re learning new stuff alr! The pace is quite ok but I guess people who never took phys/chem would be having a hard time. Tutorials are almost all 2h each so quite sian but I always go take a walk to the toilet halfway LOL. But ya I like the teaching style, like most of the time the prof is in front teaching but every once in a while they give questions for you to do/ discuss as a group and write on the board, which is v good cos it keeps you awake!

Last weekend my parents suddenly told me that they’d be willing to pay for me to go to cmu, which made me v confused and conflicted for a while. But I’ve thought about it and talked to people and I think I’ve made my decision!

I met dawn and tiff for dinner yesterday after leaving hostel, we decided on holland v after a lot of indecision then when we reached hv we sat outside the mrt googling where to eat. In the end we went to mu parlour! We considered getting a tall stack (or sth? I forgot what it’s called) which is apparently a burger with 5 patties but decided on a platter plus one more burger so we could get chicken wings. The burgers not bad and I liked the fries!! 8) after that we walked to Sunday folks but the queue was full……. Then walked around and decided to eat dessert at craft! It was nice but I got v sleepy sitting there lolol

Woke up ridiculously early this morning for bfast with my parents, then went to play bball haha there were only 5 of us so we played 2 v 3 and somehow the side with 2 people always won LOL?? Not just cos I’m a burden ok, once I teamed with benji against benny fan douglas and we won! It was insanely hot though, quite stupid cos it was actually quite cloudy but idk why the clouds were everywhere except blocking the sun ._. It was fun though!!


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