day in the life

Ehhh where did my half written (more like 1 para) draft go o__o

I just saw my letter from nus “we regret to inform you that your application for the abovementioned scholarships has been unsuccessful” oh well lol. I really didn’t know it was so hard to get nus scholarships though, the only person I know who got is sean and he only got the 4th tier one despite 8 distinctions including h3 math?! On the other hand sutd is giving out so many hahaha seems like it’s quite a good way to attract students (except people like jolene LOL)

2 weeks of lessons have passed and uh life’s good cos I mostly do my homework during lessons so I have a lot of free time hahahahaha. Uni life is also rly different from jc, mostly in a good way! Like not having to go for assembly at 7.45/ no uniform – I’ve been wearing tshirt shorts and slippers HAHA but need to get nicer shoes/ nobody really cares if you’re late or skip lessons/ you can just walk out of class any time to go toilet or walk around or anything.

Ok I shall write like a summary of my typical day in sutd so far:

I wake up around 8.15am in my hostel room (oh ya I shifted to a double room already! My new room faces the school woohoo it’s much nicer plus windier than my prev room which faces the other hostel block), wash up and change, then meet tzechong jiahui joel (my og friends) for breakfast, which is either go canteen buy food or hobo at a staircase eating bread/biscuits with nutella or cereal without milk. Joel has a mini fridge so sometimes we have yoghurt and fruits also!

My timetable starts at 9am every day, and ends anytime between 11am (only on wed) and 5.30pm (on those days I have a lot of breaks in between lessons). On most days we have tutorials in our classrooms, they’re called “cohort based learning” and are 2h long. During most cohort classes I take a walk to the toilet halfway through hahaha. But it isn’t as bad as it seems cos they don’t just teach for 2h straight, for most lessons the prof will talk for a while then once in a while they’ll give a clicker question or case problem to think about/work on/ do in a group and write on the whiteboard. So yeah I think it’s pretty good! And each subject has at least 2 profs and they walk around so you can just ask them questions in class. When I think about this vs linear alg tutorials it makes me rly glad I chose sutd over nus.

I think it’s rly interesting to see how all the diff subjects come together! As in we’ve always studied chem and bio as separate subjects but all the structure/function of biological molecules are actually just based on the chemical properties of the atoms that they’re made up of, and in chem we had to study the energy of attraction/repulsion between charges stuff which is physics, and physics has been a lot of calculus. My dad has this shirt that says “biology is really chemistry, chemistry is really physics, and physics is really math” and I’m starting to see the truth of it HAHA.

For math this week we did the epsilon delta formal definition of limits, mean value theorem etc which I vaguely remember from math RA, physics has been all kinematics but more mathy, and chem seems to skip around between random topics?? Like first lecture was periodicity, then next few lessons were atomic structure & bonding, then suddenly biomolecules, then intermolecular forces. But somehow I feel like we’re learning all this in order to understand how our body works (particularly DNA and stuff), and not like “too bad, this is just something you have to learn this because it’s in the A level syllabus”. But yeah for now there’s still quite a lot of overlap with A levels. For HASS (humanz, arts and social sciences) last week we had to read the symposium by Plato, which is about a drinking party in which a bunch of guys give speeches on love. It’s v long winded and hard to read .__. but ok quite interesting la! Bet you didn’t know that in ancient Greece, relationships between one old guy and one young guy were considered normal, and the old guy was supposed to guide and teach the young guy in exchange for sexual favours. LOL. Hass is quite weird though cos it seems like every week we have a different text and we just discuss it for max 2 lessons in that week, and that’s it for that text. But for hass we have some core texts, then the texts for the rest of the weeks are decided by your prof and I think my class is v lucky cos our prof is a film guy (as in he studied and now does research on old films). So on some non-core-text weeks we get to watch movies instead of reading books for our texts!! This coming week we’re gonna watch Her which has rly high ratings on rotten tomatoes HAHA yayy hope it’s good!

After lessons I take nap/ lepak/ wash clothes/ read newspapers at the library thanks to joel’s good influence haha. Then we usually eat dinner quite early cos the canteen closes at 7+ and most of the fifth row sessions start around 6 or 7. I’m joining frisbee climbing rotaract (uni version of interact) multi rotor society (they build drones! Like quadcopters and stuff. I mostly wanna build a drone for Arial photo/videography heh) and maybe French focus group to keep in touch with french (first session is next week so I’ll see how it goes LOL)

I think my sleep deprivation tolerance has improved! Last time whenever I slept late at sleepovers/chalets/etc the next day I’d have to go home and take a super ling nap, but in the past 3 weeks I’ve slept late a few times and each time still managed to stay awake the next day hahaha.

There’s some other stuff that I wanted to write about too but aiya this post is getting too long so I’m just gonna end off here!


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