I kinda feel like I’m living two separate lives…. on weekdays I stay in school all day every day (except for going out to buy stuff/ run outside school a few times but all still nearby around sch) and I feel very disconnected from the “outside world”. Then on weekends when I go home I don’t do anything related to work, cos either I finished my homework already or I’m intending chiong it on sun night, so I just slack at home or go out! So it’s like each life is self-contained and doesn’t really have any link to the other life LOL quite weird. But I guess after a while sch will get more intense and I’ll have to do work at home boo

This coming week is my 6th week of school, then next week is mid term break already!!!! Wow time rly fliess and all the projects are starting to come in alr siann. Acads have been very ok so far for me so I’ve been going for quite a few fifth rows (frisbee is fun!! though during games if I have a good defender I never get the disc LOL) and going out for late night walks/runs. But there are people from a pretty big range of backgrounds and I can’t imagine what it’s like for someone who’s never taken physics cos we’ve basically covered 5 A level chapters (kinematics dynamics forces WEP circular motion) in 5 weeks. I guess understanding what they’re teaching may not be that bad but you’ll have so much less practice doing questions :o but at least first term is pass/fail only which is good!

Sometimes I think friendship is such a random thing?? Cos you could probably be good friends with so many people if you had the chance to meet/get to know them well, but you’ll only have that chance if you’re ogmates/classmates/cca mates/etc cos without constant interaction (at least at the beginning) it’s hard to become friends. And I used to think that I wouldn’t be able to make friends in only 4 days of orientation but somehow a few of us in my og clicked pretty well and we still always hang out together! I think staying in hostel can accelerate the forming of friendships haha cos if you have someone/ a group of people that you’re ok with, it’s easy to spend a lot of time together which will most likely make you closer. And also… although we shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance, I guess everyone naturally does and it’s rly interesting how first impressions are usually quite accurate (I think?).

Just some random thoughts hahaha hope I’m making some sense. Oh my room got flooded just now because I didn’t close the windows and it rained quite heavily T__T gonna take a nap now!


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