time flies / one term down

Haven’t had time to post in a while cos my weekdays were filled with school stuff and weekends mostly spent going out and meeting friends haha. But now that almost everyone else has started school already it’s gotten harder to meet up, plus I have a 4-week holiday now so I’m very free!

Uhh wow so much has happened since my last post. Overall I really like uni life! And I’m probably biased but I’m glad I 1. decided to stay in singapore and 2. chose sutd over nus :D I overheard some other uni students’ conversation on the bus, one of them was saying that staying in hostel is easier cos other than saving travelling time, you also don’t have to be bound to things like going home for dinner (not that going home for dinner is a bad thing but like, you have to decide in advance whether you’re eating at home or not. As opposed to if you’re staying by yourself in hostel, where you can make spontaneous plans to go out or sth). So yeah I like that I get to experience the freedom of living “independently”, but also still get to come home/ meet friends on weekends.

I realised that a huge factor that affects whether you enjoy school is the people around you… I think I’m v lucky to have found a few quite close friends who do random things like go play pool the week before finals x) also my class is v chill and non-cliquey (for the first time ever hahaha ok maybe except pri sch I can’t remember) so everyone just talks to each other which is nice! It’s v interesting cos this is coming after 2 years with 14S06Q lol which was super different. Not that it was bad but I guess my jc class had a few people with very strong/distinct personalities and so was very… unique? Sometimes in math tutorials I can imagine jh going “what is this trivial nonsense?!” or when people are doing things inefficiently I think “if ky was here she’d confirm intervene and tell them how to do it better” LOL.

Hmm in general I think I’m super lucky to actually have quite a lot of good friends?? Considering that I don’t talk a lot and I’m not the v fun/outgoing kind of person haha. Though I think I’ve become a bit more outgoing this year, like more willing to talk in big whatsapp groups LOL/ initiate conversations with people/ initiate meetups! And being more on about people’s birthdays in uni cos there isn’t a tiff to do all the planning anymore hahaha. Anyway it’s interesting to see everyone becoming more of their own “person” in a way? Like previously we just more or less followed along with the system – go to the best school you can get in to, join some cca cos you have to etc. But now everyone has to make important decisions which reflect their personalities in sometimes unexpected ways. Sorry if that was very vague LOL like there’s one guy who’s quite crazy/random/spontaneous (I guess?) but he sees the established-ness of a uni as something that’s very important, while another guy is kinda more stable/responsible/sane but he chose the less established uni cos he thinks it’s more fun/ the more established way of doing things is boring. K the main point of this is that it’s been interesting to see what decisions people make, and also their reasons for those decisions, cos they tell you a lot about them.

Hmm I can’t remember what else I wanted to write about haha will end of with my list of things to do for this holiday:
– visit people in school/ crash lectures (visited jolene & dawn’s hall, went for jolene’s biz lecture which was boring cos alr learnt in jc and tiff’s contract law lecture which was unexpectedly interesting! also tried to crash yiyin’s pharm lecture but I woke up late T__T but was nice exploring yale-nus/utown and talking and playing silent taiti in the study room HAHA. to visit: ntu halls, maybe nus med? maybe pharm again too but I don’t particularly wanna learn about proteins hahaha sorry yiyin)
– learn hand lettering (try to practise every day)
– make stuff for people who are going away
– explore singapore (going sungei buloh with cecilia next week!)
– read books (have a little faith & library book that I borrowed)
– help out with uncle darryl’s campaign!
– go for (some) frisbee trainings
– runn to prepare for bromo 10k (at least 1 long run + 1 hilly run every week)
– buy more clothes (esp shorts so that I don’t have to always rewear LOL)
– decorate my room a bit? (if I have time while in school)


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