do what you love

Some random updates on my life:

– My room is still quite bare but now I have this inspirational quote that my roommate painted/wrote for me! 8)

– This term we have a module called introduction to design which is a very experiential-learning kinda thing, we have to make posters/ a video/ a prototype, it’s quite fun so far (except for a certain prof who’s now my class’ public enemy no. 1 LOL). I’m glad my group works well together and can also chill/ go ikea for lunch together! and we had a 7 people skype meeting HAHA fun times :’)

– We’re studying social sciences also which has been interesting! My prof is rly on and makes us do stuff like debates but I think I’m learning a lot more than last term where we spent most of class time sitting in awkward silence

– I got a penny board! Pretty right 8) but sadly haven’t had much chance to use it…

– I went for the bromo marathon with my dad (I ran 10k, he ran 21) and finished in slightly less than 1.5h! It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected cos other than the first 2km of steep uphill which everyone just walked, the rest was mostly downhill/flat and the weather was really nice to run. It was a v interesting holiday cos we woke up at times ranging from midnight to 3am every day to go see sunrise/volcano/run, then spent most of the afternoon sleeping LOL. Took lots of photos including some stars ones which I think are quite cool :D will post another time

– I went for grab huck score (a frisbee comp) with some of my batchmates and it didn’t go very well but oh well it was a fun experience!

– Sean went for mstd (6 weeks of sailing) and came back! I went to CNB to send him off and receive him and we got to go on the ship which was cool. The ship is huge but the inside is kinda claustrophobic? Like the ceilings are v short and walkways all v narrow and Sean says everyone (100+ ppl) sleeps together in one big room

Time is passing so quickly boohoo it’s gonna be recess week again soon :O I’m enjoying uni but I think I can make better use of my time here so hmm will think about what I wanna do and use my time better!


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