old vs new?

Making decisions is so hardd especially when it’s choosing between old and new :| like go out and meet jc friends or hang out with uni friends. or go back and visit rjgym or go for frisbee outing at sentosa (this was my dilemma for fri evening but luckily(?) we found out there’s no gym training so yay I don’t have to make a decision haha)

I re-read this article recently and the actual 10 types of friendships part is quite random but the start and end are so relevant! “As time goes on, you start to realize that the 20-year frenzy of not-especially-thought-through haphazard friend-making you just did was the critical process of you making most of your lifelong friends.” LOL

Meeting the gymmers and the bball guys is always fun and I want to know what’s going on in their lives, but I want to make new friends/ deepen my friendships with sutd people too. But being with people/ talking to people gets tiring after a while (#introvert haha) and I know alone time is important too but usually I prioritize meeting people cos it’s getting harder to find times where everyone is free to meet D: aiya basically the problem is I know that eventually almost everyone will have their own lives and drift apart but idw that to happen :/ but whatsapping multiple people at the same time takes so much effort argh.

On a happier note, had some good times with both old and new friends recently!!!

– kings skype!! it was so troublesome to arrange (tsk cecilia taking naps and forever being unresponsive on wa) but yayy I’m glad it worked out in the end. and I’m v amused that we have a kings newsletter now :’)

– tiff’s bday/ nuaing at yale-nus with fatty club hahaha. I think we’ve given up on bday surprises (or more like tiff is always the mastermind behind them so for her own bday there was kinda no surprise HAHA) but it was nice spending time with them! plus getting free food and playing taboo (which is v stressful) and pictionary (where the dice hated me and nicole LOL) and decorating jasmine’s room

– late nights with meatballz (my group for design module) – ok not too bad already, other groups really had to stay up for consecutive nights the week before submission haha. but yeah last week we spent almost every day together working on our video, our topic only got confirmed by the prof on monday and we finished our video on thurs night heh i’m glad we were quite efficient! we were so proud of our video that we went to play it on the projectors in class HAHA. and on wed we went cycling and explored coney island/punggol!

– bball ppl came to my house and got addicted to mario kart/ tanks LOL

– I went down to the (photog) studio today to meet my ex-boss cos i’m gonna help him update his website! he shared with me some of the things he’s been doing and i told him about my life in uni hahaha. anyway i’ve probably mentioned this before but i think being the only person in your company is rly interesting, you have the freedom to/are forced to (depending on how you look at it) manage every aspect of the business. like he’s gonna move to a new location so he’s designing the new studio! and he says a lot of his competitors are increasing the scope of their services so he’s thinking of expanding to include more areas also. anyway i asked him whether he has a new assistant and he said “yes. not as good as you ha ha” hehe :’)!!

“Your rock friendships don’t warrant 2x the time you give to your other friends—they warrant 5 or 10x. And keep in mind that seeing one of them for an hour-long meal isn’t really enough—your rocks deserve serious, dedicated time so you can stay close. So go make plans with them.”


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