[japan 2015] part 1: exploring tokyo

I’m back from japan!! This was one of my family’s longest holidays I think? My parents and sis went first, then a few days later after my exams I flew there by myself to join them (that itself was quite an interesting experience, I had a 1h+ transit at bangkok but the sg to bkk flight was delayed so there was just enough time for me to go through the transit counter and briskwalk to the other gate and board the plane! And for once I barely slept on the plane, partly cos I was in the middle seat :( but the view of bangkok at night and also sunrise from the plane were rly nice!! But I couldn’t take photos cos yeah I wasn’t at the window seat boohoo)

We mostly stayed at airbnb places or hotels with onsens = sleeping on futons almost every night, and two of my mum’s friends stay in tokyo so we went around/ ate with them a few times. Quite cool haha I wonder if next time I’ll have friends living overseas too then we can visit each other :o

Disney sea was a bit disappointing?? Like not very magical leh… cos it’s so crowded and money-sucking HAHA. Ok the shows were not bad (but mostly in jap except some of the songs) haha but I don’t like how the park has no signs so you can’t navigate around easily D< I was thinking about how maybe theme parks can have some system to eliminate queues, like a fastpass thing but more effective. But I figured if there are no queues, there probably won’t be enough things for people to spend their time on so they won’t stay at the park for as long, which is bad for the theme park operator. So queues are most likely gonna remain LOL sigh. Oh ya but wow the japanese are so enthu about disney stuff, everyone there has like some disney character hat/ hoodie/ soft toy/ keychain/ popcorn bucket?!

Anywayy ok time for photos! Pls click on them to see bigger photos hehe


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