prove it or lose it

This term our mods are called Engineering in the Physical World, Modelling the Systems World, the Digital World and Introduction to Physical Chemistry lololol the first 3 trying to sound cheem when they’re basically physics, math and programming respectively hahahaha. But they sound interesting and I think they’re kinda like introductions to 3 of the pillars in SUTD, I’m still not sure which pillar I want so hopefully this term will help me decide!

I went back to work in the photog studio for the last 2 weeks cos my boss was moving studio and needed help with packing/ arranging stuff at the new studio. It was quite sian cos there were sooo many things to pack at the old studio/ unpack at the new studio… lucky school started so I could only work for those 2 weeks hahaha his new assistant is probably still busy arranging all the equipment and props and random stuff LOL. I think I don’t like it cos I’m kinda ocd and I’ll want to find the best possible way to arrange everything but like after I arrange one section I’ll realise that there’s some stuff that can’t fit in nicely so I wanna rearrange it but there’s really just so much stuff which makes it never-ending cos there’s no way to arrange it in an ideal way. Ok this is a v random rant hahaha maybe I should choose ESD cos I have a natural inclination to optimize things HAHA

Interestingly I feel like now that school has started I’m suddenly rly free! I think cos the few days before that were quite shag haha on fri I left work early and went home to change (I put makeup by myself!!! #achievementunlocked) for sean’s comms ball. We couldn’t get a cab cos it was raining so we had to take public transport to the hotel D: the ball itself was not bad! There were performances and games throughout which were quite entertaining + meant I didn’t really have to talk to other people yay xD and unlike social night there were tables and chairs!

On sun I went for frisbee sunig and… was quite useless haha sian. But mel (a senior who’s v zai) taught me how to improve on my forehand flick and I think it’s getting better! After that was gymmers bbq which was surprisingly chill but still nice. And we discussed about gym holiday!!!! Idk why some people have objections to so many countries lol as long as we get to go tgt I don’t really mind anywhere? I think cos my parents are v open-minded about travelling also like we go to beaches/ cold places/ cities/ nature places/ both developed and undeveloped countries so I’m very ok with anywhere haha. Ahh rly hope I can go though cos it’ll most likely be during my summer break which means internship time :/

This first week of sch was fun cos we had sports fiesta, I played something almost everyday haha went for touch rug, windsurfing (it’s a lot harder than it looks omg and v tiring but v shiok when you actually balance and move!!), frisbee and soccer. My class actually did pretty well haha proud of us! :D (ok except frisbee where we lost all our matches LOL I threw a lot of bad throws but I caught a huck from vivek woohoo #momentofglory) thx vivek for the team talks and for being mvp for everything hahaha. Lol it doesn’t really feel like school has properly started cos other than lesson time I spent most of last week lepaking/ playing sports/ going out for supper hehe twas a great week!

Quote of the week cos this deserves to be remembered:

Prof: what do you get when 2 hydrogen atoms fuse? (as in nuclear fusion, not bonding)

Ans: helium

Prof: ok then what do you get when 2 helium atoms fuse?

Marvin: hehe

HAHAHA o marvin :’)


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