I’m freee

Feeling gr8 now cos physics midterm is over and next week is recess week!!!! And I’m on the way to rj to visit gym now :D people always complain that recess week is not much of a break but I disagree haha. I’ll probably be in school most of next week anyway but it’s nice to not have lessons/ new content/ homework or projects due for a while. This term all our mods are the study for exam kind unlike last term where we had design and hass which weren’t (as) technically-intensive.

Hope orientation dry run goes well!! In particular I hope the food is good/ at least not bad cos I ordered it LOL.

Last weekend I was completely free for once haha had a good time lepaking at home and was v productive and did all my hw for last week! (unlike the previous weekend of friendly+agape+airshow where I didn’t do any work the whole weekend and had to chiong/copy 2 hws on monday lol) so yeah that left me feeling quite recharged and more adventurous so I decided to sign up for a windsurfing course!! First session is next mon heh looking forward to it 8)

Ok I reached rj alr, shall just post this short update!

btw idk whether this will be applicable to anyone reading this but SUTD open house is happening this sat (tmr) and sun so pls come if you’re interested :))


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