sleepy and freshnomore

Boo everyone updates so infrequently now I have nothing interesting to read D:

Anyway I am randomly quite free this week! Life has been interesting these past few weeks, I just cycled to Burp @bedok reservoir to eat salted egg chicken wings ^^ Someone said it’s like we’re living the life before hell (= exams) starts hahaha.

Yesterday was Fresh No More (an event to celebrate the ending of our first year which SUTD calls Freshmore year so it’s punny haha ha ha) and each class had one bbq pit and free food!! I like bbqing haha but it was nice that people always offered to swap and let the bbqing people eat so we took turns. Unlike in sec 4(?) gym chalet I still rmb tsk we were bbqing and the juniors just sat there and lepaked and ate the food and didn’t even offer to help out D:< Yeah but anyway woah there’s just this week and next week of lessons left, then finals and it’ll be the end of first year! I’m excited for summer and looking forward to learning more focused/useful stuff (unlike ahembioahem) in pillar year but kinda sad to change class now that I’m quite familiar with most people.

After freshnomore my class had a “drinking party” in my room (cos me and my roommate are both in the same class), there were soo many ppl squeezed inside one small room lol. I drank a bit only and my face became v red haha but I felt normal and just nua-ed on my bed. I thought there would be like more htht but we ended up playing pictionary and heads up charades, I’m amazed that we were entertained by charades for so long LOL. Actually the playing games part just reminded me of gym haha we played pictionary at jasmine’s room before, charades everywhere and with gym it’s equally high and fun even without alcohol haha. Oh ya we also did I have never/ever and uhh some of the things that people did before… o__o lolol. Hmm I wanna find out what I’m like when I’m drunk but not embarrass myself in front of/ get judged by a lot of ppl. But I don’t see what’s so great about alcohol leh haha I added a lot of mixer to mine and even then the taste was still so strong… bleurgh.

Last week was 2D week (no lessons, projects for all 4 mods) and my group was supposedly the OP one cos got 3 guys who’re good at hands on stuff but I think a bit overkill to have all 3 of them working on the physics part of the project haha. At first they used laser cut acrylic to make a v nice looking incubator while some other groups just bought potong icecream and used its styrofoam box LOL but ours didn’t work well, so the night before submission they had to stay up overnight to make a new one using a styrofoam box. I spent most of the week coding and testing for the programming part, working with the ebot was annoyingg and a lot of trial and error but it feels good when you come up with/ manage to implement something to overcome a problem! eg. at first my ebot kept wrongly detecting either junctions or end-of-junctions, so I added checking states to check the same conditions for 0.5s to either confirm that it’s legitly a junction/end-of-junction, or ignore that random sonar spike and continue forward. Ok I don’t think anyone will get what I’m talking about but nvm it’s for me to read next time and look back at the start of my programming journey x) Anyway the prof was quite impressed that I did the programming by myself heh and I went for the competition level but was unprepared cos I didn’t test my code with real obstacles so it went pretty badly. Sigh kinda regret spending the afternoon doing math report instead of doing coding and testing for competition, I think if I’d spent time testing I could’ve gotten it to work :(

I realised that the last time I posted was just before the start of the windsurfing course and tmr is the last session already! aka the test but aiya will pass one, after that I think I wanna continue and learn how to go faster and maybe try going for a competition..? Will see how after ALP I guess!

Two weekends ago was ultyschool, my first very legit frisbee tournament cos I was in the first D line!! It was v intense and fun and shag but I’m glad I got to play so much, the second D line hardly got to play esp on the second day which is quite sad :/ Nothing much to say but I’m inspired to play better and contribute more to the team!


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