[ALP week 1] hello from hangzhou!

I wanted to write a pre-ALP (asian leadership programme, my 3-month summer exchange in zhejiang university) post before coming here but lol the last few weeks really flew by and I’m here already so… I guess it shall be a start-of-ALP post instead.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 3 weeks since finals :o on the last day of term my class went to watch civil war (good!!) + LAN (bad, was very dizzy) + simpang supper (ofc good), then the next day had to check out of hostel already :( will miss my room and the nice view ahh hope I get a nice view next term too.

The week after that we had class outing to trampoline park plus bbq! Tramp park was fun but somehow didn’t feel as fun as the first time when I went with tiff sean and crew, I think cos we spent most of the time playing dodgeball only. But some of my classmates tried flips into the sponge pit and were not bad (Y). Bbq didn’t go that well cos we took really long to start cooking, plus security guards were being annoying eg. cannot move tables and chairs around, must wash the grill clean -> wit?!? but the turnout was good yay :)) someone commented “wah should have this at the start of the year before you know your classmates, cos by looking at who’s doing the bbqing and who’s sitting down waiting for people to feed them, you know who you should choose as groupmates” hahahha quite true.

The rest of my that week was spent at orientation dry run 3, I don’t really remember what I did LOL I think welfare was quite free cos we didn’t cater food for dry run. Oh ya me joe wj went out for lunch/dinner almost every day hehe 8) and I went out on one of the days to meet (ie. pig out) with dawn and tiff! It’s been a while but nothing much has changed :))

Orientation was a totally different story haha the first two days were still ok but the second night onwards it was soo shag. My comm’s job is mainly to collect, distribute and clean up all meals + compile attendance + take care of first aid stuff, but on the second night I somehow went to involve myself in nightwalk (which is under programmes) and ended up sleeping rly little. There was some major miscomm problem also but in the end, my timekeeping system worked out well and nightwalk went pretty smoothly and actually ended at a reasonable time yayyyy. Finale was strange cos we’re kinda supposed to panggang and have fun already, but then we’re still needed at times to do stuff like settling dismissal from sentosa. I spoke on the mic in front of everyone!!!

I’m glad I joined orientation for 1. the people I became close to/ more comfortable with (my comm, my class ocom people who all slept in a classroom together) 2. the people I got to know (ogls, ocom, camp execs) – even if it’s just knowing by name/face, knowing that we worked on orientation together is quite a meaningful connection 3. seeing a part of what it’s like to organise a big event!

Ok now finally on to ALP. Originally I’d always wanted to go for GLP (exchange programme at MIT) instead but I didn’t get it, not sure cos interview cui or they don’t let ALP people ‘upgrade’. But anyway now I’m glad that I’m in ALP! Cos it’s with a bunch of fun people (my classmates that I’m quite close to) and yeah it’s been great so far hehe the natural aircon weather + everything is cheap + good food + some nice scenery! So far it feels like a super long holiday with friends + some work instead of school/projects + some free time hahaha.

I’m currently in Design Thinking and Expression class which sounds cool but so far has just been photoshop and illustrator. Which imo really shouldn’t be taught lecture style?!? Just following a video would be so much more effective for learning lol. So yeah I’m clearly not paying attention hahaha though wah everyone else in front of me is super guai and actually following ._. aiya I think I can figure out how to draw stuff by myself if really need.

I wanna make good use of my time here so reminder to self:
– learn and make cool stuff in my theme (brain machine interface)
– make good use of lesson time (i.e. pay attention and learn stuff if class is useful or do other stuff if it’s useless like now hahahha or just pon)
– explore Hangzhou
– take photos and videos and learn to use premiere to edit videos!
– blog regularly to keep a record of this experience
– urban sketch!!
– eat good food but not too unhealthy (can easily get fruits here yayyy)
– exercise
– try to talk more and improve my chinese lol

Ok enough for now, shall start editing photos!

(Wow this is quite a long post for me haha I wrote it in notepad then copied over cos wordpress requires VPN haiz)


One thought on “[ALP week 1] hello from hangzhou!

  1. wahliang May 20, 2016 / 11:50 am

    :-) good to know you are enjoying life there!!

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