[ALP week 2-4] fun stuff + shanghai x2

(written on friday but couldn’t post)

Last week I started writing a post but it DIDN’T GET SAVED cos my internet disconnected. Bleh.

So anyway this is my 4th week in China, I’ve gotten used to life here which includes cabbing to yuquan every other day for lessons/meetings and cabbing almost everywhere else too cos can claim, crossing the road in a yolo way, ponning useless classes, hanging out in the IDI or nuaing in my room, checking the weather forecast to decide whether I should wear slippers or shoes, using baidu instead of google for search/maps/translate, having to use VPN for snapchat/fb/insta, ordering stuff from taobao, and last but not least all the good+cheap+convenient food from family mart (they have v nice onigiri and not bad bento sets that they can heat up for you)/ delivery (fried chicken burger and blackball delivered right to your doorstep block in 30min)/ canteen (actually I rarely eat at the canteen even though the food is not bad and basically free with sch card lol)/ going out to eat!

Some photos that sum up ALP so far (see my fb album for the legit photos, these are mostly unedited and taken with my phone/ saved from snapchat):

my room! camera not wide enough but there’s a desk in front of each bed and it’s pretty spacious!! the beds and blankets are rly nice too, like hotel standard and there are people who come and clean the floor every week too #pampered :D we even have a bathtub though I don’t actually like soaking in the bathtub
the classroom where our design lessons are at, it’s rly long so if you’re near the back it’s v hard to see the screen and thus v hard to pay attention
one of the first places we went to explore in week 1- 西湖! it was v nice and windy and pretty, will definitely be going back again
went to a nat geo exhibition too and I bought the book + badges!
canteen food, this was probably sgd $1+ only ^^
after-training feast at 弄堂里- bad photo but the food was gooddd. there were only five of us and we ordered close to 10 dishes? and it was only 8 sgd per person zomg
ramen and sushi with mango + a lot of sashimi! just outside yuquan beimen
ridiculously cheap karaoke with the class! we got this huge room complete with disco lights and a mini stage (at the right side of the photo) for 8 hours for something like 8sgd per person. also this is a manually stitched panorama heh not bad right
my first taobao!!! guess what I bought
trying out the hangzhou public bus

My class went to shanghai on 28-30 june! The first day was v anyhow and impromptu cos we hadn’t planned out what to do, and it was drizzling pretty much the whole day :/ we went on a food trail (kinda) and ended up crashing at haagen dazs cos everyone was so tired LOL. After resting a while we went to the bund! It was rainy and foggy so quite sad but some of us still walked down along the river which was nice :)

The second day was much better! We split up and I went to the china pavillion/ art museum with jiacheng and weijun. Then we walked around the old shanghai city area which was full of old-china-archi-style buildings, and wanted to go to 豫园 (a garden) but it was closed already :( I had a deja vu feeling at the area outside 豫园 though! V sure I was there before when my family went to shanghai last time. Then we went back to 南京东路 and walked all the way down the pedestrian street, then took the 5yuan tram back to the mrt. I suggested taking the mrt over to the other side of the river which turned out to be a great idea cos we got to see the pearl tower and walk around the overhead bridge roundabout which I think is vv cool (had another deja vu moment here haha)

stumbled upon m&ms world at 南京路步行街 which had this RAINBOW M&Ms WALL!!!!!! I was so excited hahahahah
:DDD (and this isn’t even the whole wall). it was v ex for m&ms but I just had to buy some hehheh
东方明珠- the pearl tower!
it just so happened that 5min after we reached this area, the pearl tower had some light show thing where it changed colours and there were laser lights and stuff. I have a better photo on fb heh but at that time I was like wow such good timing!! so glad we decided to come here
my collection of cool poker cards is slowly growing :DD the ZJU one is hand-drawn and v cooll!
in case you were wondering, yes we actually do work sometimes. this is a demo of an EEG device in our office! the one we’re working with for the project is a lot less complicated though, with only one channel (the one in the picture has 8, can see the many wires connecting to electrodes at different parts of the head)
for design class we had an assignment to make a lamp out of paper and try to play with the shape and shadows. this is what I made! it’s supposed to look like a sun and rays of sunlight coming out

Last weekend I went to shanghai again but with frisbee people to play shanghai open! We joined the hangzhou phoenix team after training with them 3 times over the previous weeks (though I only went once cos of coming to ALP late + the first shanghai trip hahaha), which I thought was quite bad but it ended up fine cos like half of the team only met up for the first time on the first day of competition LOL. And the rest are just a pickup team which doesn’t train together that regularly also. So yep the first match was quite a mess of figuring out what everyone’s names are, who can play what position, who should cut first and where etc haha but somehow we won! After that we had a by so our captain tried to quickly go through and get us to practise some plays, and I think that helped a lot haha. We ended up winning all 3 of our games on sat! Sun was not as good though cos we lost the first game pretty badly (the score was 0-7 at mirror half LOL but after that was quite even, I think we pulled it to 5-12). Then the remaining games were based on the results of that game so there was some confusion? But anyway we were supposed to play against one of the teams that we alr played on sat again so they decided to just play to 5 points then the rest just mix around the teams and pickup. I got to play with someone’s camera with 70-200mm f2.8 lens too haha v nice I wantt

Overall shanghai open was great :D I got a lot of game time cos there were only five girls, and somehow I was one of the more experienced ones LOL (clara v zai, she got called to play almost every other point). Had fun talking/throwing/watching other games with the other people and learnt a lot from playing different plays (hori stack/ 3man cup) and positions! The weather and venue were v nice though the food was.. not that great but ok la got breakfast and lunch and banana and water not bad alr. And there was free flow beer in the afternoons but I only drank one cup lol. On the first night the team played drinking games and some of the guys were v fail at the game and ended up drinking a lot hahahaha. We (the sutd ppl) left early thinking we’d go back to the motel and bathe, then go out and explore shanghai a bit, but in the end we just lepaked in the room and played bridge then went to a nearby macs for supper HAHA. There’s no apple pie in china :( but there’s strawberry pie and matcha mcflurry!

no photo of the fields so here’s a photo of the discs, they were 10sgd each only!
back to the bund on the day we reached shanghai, but it was rainy and foggy again :( spot the pearl tower LOL
生煎包!! they’re like xiaolongbaos but big and fried and with lots of meat+soup instead. basically they’re amazing.
the pearl tower again! no light show this time but it was a different colour
more packages for me ^^ someone said collecting taobao packages is like receiving presents from yourself hahaha so true
all the stuff I bought so far! my first package was saboteur heh. @ppl in sg, anybody want me to help you taobao anything?? can go search, some stuff are super cheap (eg. the bag + pouch only cost 8sgd :O it’s for my sis btw)
trying to do work but the thing dotted for 1h wut….
climbed yuquan mountain, this is the view from the top of 将军山!! feels like you’re on top of the world

It’s been lepak and fun so far but I guess I’ll have to start working more on my theme’s project soon (not really a bad thing cos I do want to learn stuff through this exchange and not just come here to play). And it’s getting just a little bit sian seeing and hanging out with people all day every day, especially cos it’s always the same people (my classmates and occasionally frisbee people) haha #introvert. So I’m taking today as a break/ me day! (edit: bleh I realised I signed up for some african drums class with frisbee ppl which is happening later but okay most of today is still just me alone doing my own stuff.) And my family is coming to hangzhou on sat yayyy can’t wait :D I shall go for a run later around school and go check out their hotel which is quite near here hehe

Happy 端午节 everybody!!!

[wow this might be my longest post ever]

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