[ALP week 9-12] waimai, work, mahjong, repeat

Oops haven’t posted in a while cos the past few weeks haven’t been that interesting. After coming back from Huangshan I spent most of my time in my room doing work to finish the app for our final presentation, and also because for one period it was sooo hot (the max temp was like 38-40 degrees every day) that once you go out in the sun you can immediately feel your skin burning ._. We legit just hid in our rooms the 24/7 and ordered waimai for all our meals hahahaha.

Also my roommate and I realised that no matter how early or late we went to sleep, we’d still wake up equally late (around noon LOL) so to maximise productivity we did work at night and only went to sleep around 4am… but it was fun too cos after huangshan those of us that travelled together (yilei debbie weijun marvin jiacheng me) kinda formed a clique, some nights we went to watch movie/ play mahjong at marvin and jiacheng’s room. Oh ya I taobao-ed a mini mahjong set! It’s really tiny but just nice for the bedside table in our hostel rooms:

(if you look closely you’ll realise one tile is wrong)

We only found out about the wrong tile after a few times of playing HAHA cos someone pong-ed 3suo then the next person also threw a 3suo, then I was like wut!?? cos I also had a 3suo in my hand… basically the set had five 3suo tiles and only 3 4suo tiles. But I complained to the taobao seller and managed to get them to send me a replacement tile!! So the set is no longer screwed up haha.

Oh last wed some of us went paragliding!!! Quite retarded cos we took half a day to travel there (1h hangzhou public bus + 1.5h hangzhou to fuyang bus + 45min fuyang public bus to the base of the mountain + 15min car up the mountain) just to experience <10min of flying, then spent the rest of the day travelling back. But it was worth it I think! Got footage of your whole flight from gopro + selfie stick somemore. It was less exciting than I was expecting cos it’s really like you’re just floating around in the air (driftingawayallthetime) but still fun and the view was v nice! We had to do tandem paragliding but I asked my instructor if I could try controlling the parachute for a while and he let me :D it only takes a week of lessons to get certified to go paragliding by yourself! I think next time if I have a mid-life crisis or sth I’ll take a break from my normal life and go learn all these fun stuff x) glad we made time to go even though it was just 2 days before the presentation hahaha.

The final presentation somehow didn’t feel like a very significant event for me, even though it’s basically what we’ve been working for the whole time in ALP. I think cos I wasn’t very involved in the presentation itself, and by that time my work on the app was all already done haha. Teng foong, kevin and j3 did the presentation for our theme and they wore the headsets on stage

PPG pink hearts.jpg
pink + blue + green = powerpuff girls! LOL

I think our prof didn’t expect very much from us at the start but I’m proud of what we did!

After the presentation we had one whole free week before flying back to SG. I went to shanghai (my third time in ALP) 3D2N with some of my classmates, mainly to go to disneyland but sadly it was more like shanghai waitingland…. All the rides had long queues, even the lame ones (we had to queue almost an hour for some winnie the pooh ride) and I feel like the park had no atmosphere. Like when you walk around between rides there’s legit nothing to see, we only saw one disney character the whole day and no street performances kinda stuff. Towards the end of the day we gave up on rides and went to watch shows instead, I didn’t have much expectations for the shows but one of them was tarzan storyline + acrobatics which I was v impressed by! They did skipping rope with a 3-2-1 pyramid and crazy stuff like backflips on stilts :o at the end of the day we stood near the entrance intending to chiong to the mrt immediately after the fireworks show, but in the end it wasn’t even that great so we just left in the middle of the fireworks hahaha (worth it cos we all got seats on the mrt!)

The next day was a lot better cos marvin weijun and I went to happy valley (another theme park that’s a lot cheaper than disneyland and has a lot more exciting rides)! We wasted our morning queueing for the wooden coaster but when we were near the front it started raining and the ride got suspended :’( luckily we decided to leave the queue and go see other indoor stuff first, then when it stopped raining we immediately chionged for all the rides x) twas a fun day!!!

Anyway I’m back in sg now!! With all my taobao stuff:


This week has been packed with meeting diff groups of people every day and also playing pokego cos I too free LOL. Yayyy it’s good to be back!! :)


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