alone but not lonely

It’s been a long time since I last posted LOL I’ve gone through half a term already! Fridays are always free days for me plus next week is recess week so feeling quite nua now.

Just had demo for comp structs 1D (a project where we have to program an arithmetic logic unit (basically a binary calculator) on this thing called a Mojo) and…. I think I should be more patient with people :/ the project is a 3-people group one and each group is only given one mojo, but you can only test your code on the mojo -> only one person can be programming at one time. So I figured the fastest way to finish the project is for me to just tank the required components of the programming then later explain to them what I did. Cos it’s not hard enough to be worth the trouble of splitting up the work and then merging it together, and if we all sit somewhere to “do together” there’s also no point cos only one person will be programming and the rest will be wasting their time lol. So yeah I did that on wed, then left it to them to try adding extra functions if they want. In the end one of them stayed up trying to program a cool light display but didn’t manage to get it to work, and the other added one function but that screwed up a few other functions and he didn’t test it, so we only found out this morning during the demo and I had to debug on the spot T__T how ah?? I wanna be collaborative and help them learn also but it’s so inefficient…..

Anyway I’m in ISTD now so no more physics/chem/bio alr! This term for IS mods I’m taking intro to IS (java/ android programming), computation structures and algorithms but sch is kinda sian cos sometimes I feel like the lessons are not really worth going for. For java it’s like you can only learn by trying and doing the programming yourself, not by listening to a prof tell you how to program. And for comp structs even if you go you’re lost most of the time also hahahaha. But overall acads are still ok I guess, it’s more sian socially cos we don’t have fixed classes and classrooms anymore, everyone just goes around in their small groups and it’s a lot harder to try to get to know other people.

Another thing that’s changed from last year is that I’m now staying in a single room. It’s nice to have my own space and somehow I feel much more inclined to keep it clean haha.

My rainbow photo wall :D


Some memorable events that have happened but I’m too lazy to write more about:

  • halloween horror nights- haunted houses decor was rly good, got jumpscared a lot but when I know it’s fake I won’t legitly be scared. When going back some guy offered to fetch us in a minibus for a pretty good price so we agreed, then we got in they turned on the disco lights and blasted music lololol it was actually a party van!
  • nitebike- I signed up as a facil so I had to go for 2 recces and dry run before the actual event, was quite fun but I don’t think I’ll do it again cos it’s so time-consuming and gets sian to go through the route so many times
  • grab huck score and sunig b- v different experiences, GHS was with mostly my batch people so we were supposed to be decent but had a lot of bad communication/ stupid mistakes and people got angry at themselves/each other so it wasn’t a very good experience… sunig b was fun even though we lost super badly hahaha cos there was some improvement and good flow, and I was rotating second/third cut with the guys so I felt more useful than normally when I’m head/second of stack x)

Wow this doesn’t feel like much but it’s already 600+ words :o shall go eat lunch then start work so I can have a freer recess week!


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