term 4 overrr

Late post cos I flew to bangkok the day after my finals and never got around to writing about school. I’m now writing this on the plane to taiwan!! The gymmers trip is finally actually happening after planning for so long (thanks tiff and reudi(?) for doing most of it) yayy hope everything goes well :D

Anyway this has been an interesting term! My batch had a lot of complaints about our mods and even compiled a gdoc of feedback lol but I think it wasn’t that bad la. I quite liked comp structs, algo was ok but had disappointingly little content/math. Java can definitely be much better taught but idk whether it’s the course or really just the profs’ teaching… :/

We only had 1 final exam this term, for algo, but the other 2 mods had final projects (internet of things for java and making an electronic game for comp structs).

game setup.jpeg
my game!
lights topview.jpeg
cool LED cube

It’s a 3D maze/pacman-ish game where you use arrow buttons to move around the LED cube. Super proud of it cos everything worked out well, I started off by wanting to make an LED cube cos it looked cool and in the end we managed to use it for our game in a v nice way!! Plus it’s an original game (me + jjj’s ideas combined) that’s pretty good, I think if I came across this game I’d get addicted and want to finish all the levels HAHA. @anyone reading this, if you ever come to SUTD ask me to show you the actual thing ^^

hydra – an automatic plant watering system

For IoT I didn’t actually do much cos one guy in my group tanked all the hardware stuff and the remaining 5 of us split up the app. And you don’t really need 5 people to make one simple app lol. So I basically only did the UI for some of the pages. #slacker oops :x Plus a few of us were working on the report which was due on sat (day after exam), but when I flew to bangkok I kind of forgot/didn’t care about the report and apparently the rest also either forgot or didn’t care so in the end nobody finished up and submitted the report. Luckily our prof was nice and emailed us to ask for it, if not it’s really v bad haiz. And yeah I have no right to be annoyed at the rest cos I was irresponsible in leaving the report unfinished and assuming that someone else would do it too :x

Bleh such a different experience from working on the SUTD app (there was a competition by SUTD admissions to create an app for prospective students to explore the campus and get notified about events, vivek nick and I (rinjani ppl!) decided to try). We spent a lot of our free time working on the app and trying to make it a complete, polished app and not just a prototype kinda thing. We were pretty serious about it so we managed to do a lot given the number of ppl and time, imo! Anyway there were only 3 teams at the final pitch but ours was the most complete, almost-ready-to-publish one but they still had to discuss and made all teams send them our apps for ‘testing’. Quite sian that it dragged out so long instead of them just choosing the winner quickly so they can work on finalising the app asap…

Anyway halfway through my bangkok trip they sent us an email to say we won!!! $5k yayyy (split among 3 people haha but still not bad) plus the cooler thing is that the app will be legitly published by sutd and used by people :DD


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