[thailand dec’16] markets & temples

Went to Ayutthaya, Bangkok and Chiangmai (ABC!) for my family’s end of year holiday!

Most of the trip can be summarised in 2 words: markets and temples LOL. Pretty much all my photos are of temples cos I didn’t want to carry the dslr around for the other stuff.

Highlights of the trip:

Food: had lots of mango sticky rice and thai milk tea! We ate at night markets/ roadside stalls quite a few times also, was v yummy and cheap 8) Most memorable was the first night in bangkok where we all went around to buy different stuff and ended up with too much food hahaha. The pork leg rice at chiang mai was goooddd too

Shopping: in bangkok we went to pratunam and chatuchak market, they are really huge!! Luckily my family isn’t that crazy about shopping so we only spent at most half a day at each market even though you could probably walk around chatuchak for 3 whole days without repeating sections. In chiang mai we went to another huge market where my dad gave up on following us around and went to do foot massage instead. We saw she-males at that market too lol they did some lip-synching performance and you can pay to take photos with them :o

Chiang mai activities: we did mountain biking, whitewater rafting and elephant feeding & bathing! Whitewater rafting was pretty fun but blehh we should’ve taken the package with ATV instead of with mountain biking (v tiring though got a sense of accomplishment when you finish) and elephant riding (the elephants v poor thing :( they’re tied up all day except when they have to carry people around, and even then they have to walk according to how the trainer kicks their ears :( simin and I felt v bad when we were on ours)

Ayutthaya: it’s a city that was v prosperous and famous last time but got invaded, so their palace and temples are all in ruins now. On the first day we took a boat tour around the whole city, it’s surrounded by rivers so it’s technically an island :o on the second day we rented bikes and cycled around the diff ruins, v worth it cos rental is cheap and cycling is soo much better than walking around under the sun. Anyway I wasn’t expecting anything in particular at Ayutthaya but the ruins were cool! I feel like they’re more real than like the newer shiny temples and they make nicer photos too. My dad and I did sketching at the old palace (I think). Oh ya on the afternoon before we left we had nothing much left to do so my family went for a massage while I went to a cafe by myself and had brownies :D It’s convenient that everywhere has wifi nowadays but at the same time I think it changes the feel of holidays? Like last time going on holiday = fully spending time with family and taking a break/ being totally disconnected from ‘normal life’ but now you still get work/sch emails and can continue talking to your friends and stuff. I guess there’s both good and bad!

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