Felt like posting something to remember today (technically yesterday) as a good day cos I got an internship offer!!!

It was super fast, I applied last tues and this monday they emailed asking if I’m free on tues or wed. Luckily didn’t need to wear formal cos I don’t have my formal clothes with me hahaha, I just wore the nicest clothes I had in hostel. So yup I went there today and had a v chill “interview” in the meeting room where we sat on beanbags xD

Questions asked, for my record:
– introduce yourself
– how did you find out about us & why do you want to intern here
– how/when did you start programming -> I talked about learning html/css through neopets hehheh
– different skill areas (databases & system administration were stuff that I said I didn’t know much about, programming languages, front-end, mobile)
– when working in a group do you usually do more backend or frontend (I said got both, I like trying diff stuff)
– I talked about exploreSUTD (the app I’m making for sutd) and showed them the app!

It didn’t really feel like an interview cos the other guy talked a lot also, telling me about the company and their work and culture.

Anyway then he offered me the internship on the spot!!! Totally wasn’t expecting that so I didn’t know how to respond. He asked me if I’m waiting for other offers and I can’t remember what I said but it probably wasn’t a v good reply LOL. But I didn’t want to make a rushed decision on the spot so I said I’ll think about it first.

Ahhh yayy it feels good to have secured something (like in poker last last weekend where I won quite a lot in one of the first few rounds so I was abit more daring afterwards hahaha. though in the end I lost a lot sianz) but now comes the question of should I accept? Or wait for other offers?

*insert thinking emoji*

After the interview I went to join tiff at national library (q cool, I never went to that part of it before) then met the gymmers for dinner! Attendance was 7/11 but I tbh kinda like it more when there are less people haha. Then ofc we went for dessert, had lava cake and dark choc gelato at chocolate origin which was not bad but I think awfully chocolate’s icecream is better!! Sadly didn’t make it back in time for sports fiesta soccer but my class did well enough to get into semis on friday woohoo! Much better than frisbee yesterday where we lost 2 matches and got eliminated :( I miss PE lessons and playing random sports regularlyy


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