chill weeks

I recently realised that I’m already in junior year now! (basically year 3, cos this is my 5th studying term out of 8 in total)

Lessons have been…. uninspiring. This term is still all compulsory mods so I’m taking software construction (ie. java 2), computer system engineering (ie. comp structs 2) and probability & statistics. I’ve been skipping prob & stats quite often cos it’s faster to just read through the notes myself, ty joe and vivek for helping me mark attendance hehe yall r the best! Software constructs is very ‘high level’ as in we’re looking more at the big picture of software development (agile methodology, testing, design patterns) which is important to know I guess, but v sian to learn in class. Last week we had a talk by some people from Tata for one of our lessons and they talked about their workflow for a project, it’s super complicated man – everything must plan, get approval, test on many different levels, I can’t remember what else right now but ugh. Maybe next time when I have more experience doing bigger projects I’ll appreciate all these stages but for now I feel it’s v convoluted. I just want to do my programming!! Hahaha.

For hass I didn’t choose the maps mod fast enough :( so I’m in rice cultures with marvin weijun jiacheng and a bunch of other epd guys I know. Classes are quite boring cos the prof talks in a very dead way lol but having friends in class makes it more fun (esp marvin with all his nonsense). And we’re actually planting rice!

sowed the seeds on thurs!

Oh ya this is quite a while ago already but my uni friends got me a new bike for my birthday!! It’s a bit too tall for me LOL I can’t reach the floor on both sides at the same time but it’s v smooth and nice to cycle :DD Only cycled it out twice though, once to simei for impromptu dinner with nic and once to the mrt. Should cycle out for dinner more oftenn

my new bike :D

Anyway since school is relatively chill I’ve had time to go out/ meet people even on weekdays! My mondays are back to back lessons the whole day but tues and fri have 1 lesson each only.

stanley visited me in sch and helped me put up my fairy lights 8) yay you’re featured on my blog now pls be honoured

This week I was especially free for some reason. Played badminton on mon plus went for my first frisbee training in a long time, on tues we went to bedok point sushi express for dinner and celebrated clement’s bday, wed marvin drove to simpang for prata!! then we came back and went around getting free food from the vday carnival. I ended up going around with joe cos the rest weren’t v interested. But it was fun playing the bouncy castle stuff! And getting free churros and eclairs hehe.

clement made the melted crayon art kinda thing for his gf, I wanted to see how it’s done and ended up helping him with it. kinda fail cos the colour is supposed to be dripping down instead of filling the entire canvas LOL. idk whether it’s because he used oil pastels instead of crayons.

The exploreSUTD app is now in the testing phase ie. one step closer to being done woohooo. Strange how most of the app was actually completed long ago but all the small tweaks and finalizing up everything is dragging on for so long. But I don’t think there will be much more to change/ add on except moving the info pages to the CMS, and anyway open house is coming soon so the app needs to be out by then!

Another thing I’ve been working on is a website for a SUTD business competition (making the website that has all the competition info, not to participate in it). Pretty happy with how it turned out cos I think it looks much better than the previous year’s one. Also I only spent a total of 5h? or probably less that that on it cos I used some template and basically only had to change the content. Interesting that it’s so easy to make a decent looking website but getting a professional custom website is so ex.

2 weeks from today I will (hopefully) have my driving license!!!



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