sweet and salty

Today I discovered the amazingness of homemade salted caramel!!! It’s quite easy to make and soooo gooodd.

unfortunately the photo is not as good.

I had leftover whipping cream from the blackforest cake last week so I was searching for stuff to make with it and found this! Was a bit skeptical cos I always thought making caramel wasn’t that easy (usually need candy thermometer so that you don’t overcook the sugar or something) but I just tried it and it turned out v yummy hehe. I kept dipping a spoon into the pot to “test” while it was cooking xD

freshly made salted caramel sauce + brownies :)

OCD brownie cutting
my attempt at drizzling the sauce artistically


w/ haagen dazs :DD

Today has been v chill compared to the past few days! Had prob and stats midterm plus super long ESC pset due on wed, hass essay due on thurs and CSE lab due tmr which I haven’t finished. I skipped school today to go take my driving test and I PASSED with 6 points hehe v relieved cos my pdl is expiring in a few days and I was getting quite sian of lessons already. Spent almost 6 months and around 1.8k on it but I finally can drive!!

Just now I wanted to resize my photos for posting and was lazy to open photoshop so… I ended up spending 1h writing a python script to automatically resize all the files in a folder to a specified max dimension. It’s v simple but feels good to be able to make something like that just for fun/ cos it’s useful to me >< although in the end I still used photoshop to edit each photo individually LOL

cheap thrills

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