i light u light

Wow wordpress changed the new post screen again?? And it now uses the apple font hmm I like how everything looks v clean but like a bit boring/ no character leh lol. At least this posting field still uses an interesting font (got curious and went to check, it’s called Merriweather).

Anyway I went to i light at marina bay last night, it was quite nice but tiring – we walked one whole round from esplanade to MBS and back to raffles place whew. Sadly I didn’t have my camera cos I went from school :( but I guess it doesn’t really matter cos I just used my phone and the quality was surprisingly good!

(wow much minimalist, there isn’t even a button for adding media anymore lol. seems like you have to drag and drop?)

Using a different layout for fun, click to view the whole photo with captions!

Woke up at 1pm today xD and spent most of it finalizing the SUTD app. Publishing is sooo troublesome omg at least this is not the first time already so my accounts are set up and I have a better idea of what’s going on. But anyway woohoo it is finally going to be officially launched!!!! It’s version 1.0.0 cos first launch but I did a bunch of stupid things for ios so the build number is now LOL. Yay this means we can finally get paid soon and hopefully we won’t have to touch the app much for a while x)

On a separate note, I made a major discovery within the past few weeks and things have been slightly complicated because of that. But no matter how things turn out, it’s always nice to get to know people better and bad questionable decisions make good memories!


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