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Wow who is stalking me lol?? (Just now it was 81 views with 2 visitors but I didn’t take screenshot)

Some random stuff from the past weeks:

What’s the difference between a door and a jar? (answer below)

wa2 wa1

Lemon tart!! Second time baking this, first time was at jc class bbq which seems super long ago haha. It was pretty good but I didn’t like the crust being so thick D:

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Went for winds/chamber concert to support marvin last weekend. They were selling rainbow roses and I thought it was really cool so I bought one for myself! Yay for macro lens to try taking nice photos of it x) sadly the flower only lasted one day but I’m pressing it in a book hehe dunno how it’ll turn out

Celebrated a few birthdays recently – joe’s last thurs where he got caked multiple times LOL and we had fun playing the new table tennis/air hockey at slounge, yilei’s (which was actually on thurs but we didn’t know :x :x until clement remembered and asked her at night) on fri, and vivek’s on mon. I had an idea to print out a bunch of jokes, cut them into slips and stick them at random places around his room XD

His response was goldennn hahahaha leaving it here cos good memories :’)

wa4 wa3

Another convo that literally made me LOL (no context cos it’s just for my own amusement):


Met dawn for the first time in ages yesterday! Conversation topic was pretty uncharacteristic but it was nice to talk about stuff and I learnt something new too :o

Ans to above qn: a door can be ajar but a jar can never be a door!

What does a buffalo say to his son that leaves?

Ans: Bi-son

There’s a band called 1023MB.

They haven’t had any gigs yet.

And one that I think is v funny but can’t post the question cos vivek hasn’t found it yet so I’ll just write the answer for now

Ans: The logician replies: ‘Yes’.

Oh and the post title actually means something, though probably only 2 people who read this blog actually know how to decipher it hahahaha. Public key is n=600121, d=92077 ;)

[edit] I was wrong, there is a third person!


Screenshot_2017-04-07-14-01-20-413_com.whatsapp Screenshot_2017-04-07-14-01-41-660_com.whatsapp
Screenshot_2017-04-07-14-02-21-094_com.whatsapp Screenshot_2017-04-07-14-03-07-885_com.whatsapp

:’)) (she was correct hahaha I was just trolling)



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