Weee school is over and I’m now in my first week of internship! Would’ve like to write this earlier when I had more feels but last week was just studying for and taking exams, then a v tiring long weekend then straight away started work yesterday.

Kinda lazy to write about other things that happened before the term ended. Actually there’s nothing much to say anyway, the last 2 weeks have been v free. It’s funny how other ppl are like “oh I can’t go out cos I got exams coming up in 2 weeks” but for us it’s like “ya sure I’m v free cos I have exams next week”. Oh ya ok part of why I was so free is cos week 13 was the final presentation and submission for ESC game, the presentations were spread out across the week but my group’s was on monday so after that we were pretty much done with it. Also this was quite a sucky project experience cos one of my groupmates was mia 90% of the time, and the rest weren’t very enthusiastic about it also so we just kinda did the minimum to meet the requirements. The app works decently but I don’t really feel proud of it cos we put so little effort :/ also feels kinda cheaty cos we just made our game multiplayer on 1 phone and didn’t have to do any networking (which is what most groups lost a lot of sleep over). Blehh

Moved out of hostel on sat!


Took lots of photos of my photo wall before taking it down :'( I only started packing at 4am on sat morning after dinner+fatcat+GOTG2+bridge and finished at 6am! #efficiency hahaha

On sunday I went for car-free sunday with the hotel peeps! Got a lift to my mum’s yoga place and ran around part of the car-free sunday area and marina bay before meeting the rest at the padang. We rented bikes and cycled to lau pa sat for a drink (quite retarded actually), then met nick and his gf and went for lunch. I was kinda tired and very hungry so wasn’t in the best of moods LOL I just wanted to get to somewhere and eat lunch asap xD we ended up at javier’s at suntec which was good!! It’s by the same company as aston’s but instead of choosing 2 sides, you get an empty plate and can get whatever sides you want from the sides/salad bar. After that I went home and took a short nap before going out again for bball. I was rly quite tired but benny kept trying to get me to play lolol. The zichar dinner was cheap and nice though :D


So after that tiring sunday, I went on a visit to cyrene reef on mon (labour day) for which I had to wake up at 5.30am T__T it was cool though. We saw lots of starfish and some sea urchins and sea cucumbers and an octopus!!! (I spotted it heh cos it was spouting water). Never knew that there’s such a place in singapore.

I’m interning at a small company called gametize and so far it’s been pretty cool! The work culture is v flexible and chill- yesterday we played limpeh says (the sg version of cards against humanity) for 45min, today after lunch we went shopping for snacks to stock up the pantry, then played mario kart for a while when we got back xD we haven’t really done much yet cos for now we’re still getting familiar with the platform and code base. But yeah seems like it’s gonna be a good 3.5 months!

I’ve been running more often cos I’m going for a 21km run at the end of this month. Decided to sign up for it to challenge myself + do something cool to mark my 21st + give me motivation to exercise x)

whole bunch of otters that I saw at gardens by the bay (east) during my run on sunday :o

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