[28.5.17] I survived 21km!!!

Randomly woke up early today so I’m writing this in the morning before work!

Anyway as I said in my last post, I signed up for 21km for the The Performance Series Race 1 and woke up at 3am(!!) yesterday for the run. My parents sent me there and took photos/videos of me crossing the start line, then went home to continue sleeping hahahah. Met up with joe who was there super early, deposited my bag and queued for the toilet…. then it was time to start! Ok not really, the run officially started at 5am but we were in the third and last wave so we had to wait in the pen for quite a while. We finally started at 5am!

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 7.55.08 AM.png
this is the race route

Joe and I had run most of the route last weekend (but starting from gardens, then run to ECP and back, without the stadium part; also cycled this stretch for night bike before too) so it was mostly a familiar route. The first 2km at tanjong rhu was quite bad though, cos the path was like a normal pavement kind of width so it was very narrow and you were basically stuck following the very slow pace unless you run on the grass beside it to over take people. I took it as a slow warm-up so it wasn’t too bad for me, but joe couldn’t take it and went ahead on the grass after the first 1km.

I left my phone in my bag and ran without carrying anything, ie. my favourite way to run. The race was much more quiet than I’d expected but most people were listening to music on their earphones, though once in a while I’d run past someone playing music out loud which was kinda entertaining. Other than that, I mostly entertained myself by playing songs in my head/ thinking about random stuff/ looking around at the scenery and other people. When I was at marina barrage I saw silhouettes of people running on the roof(? the grassy part on top that goes in a curve) and thought “wah crazy, why are people running up there” and only later did I realise that there was nobody running in the opposite direction for that part. Then it hit me that that spiral was part of the route lol. I was like omg are you serious…. but it turned out alright! When I reached that part most people were walking but I followed some other person and jogged up, then got to enjoy the downhill part weee. Oh yeah I don’t get why people don’t run on the downhill parts, like for the v long bridge that connects marina east to ECP also – it’s downhill!! Gravity is helping you so you can run faster with less effort! If you walk it’s like wasting all the effort getting uphill in the first place.

I’d expected the weather to be more cooling since it was so early, but the first part was kinda humid and with not much wind so it wasn’t very nice :/ After the first 7km I felt fine but a bit like “woah there’s still another 2 times of this distance to go x__x”. Only after I crossed to ECP it became much better cos there was some wind. Anyway I managed to run the next 7km continuously also, other than a toilet stop at 8k+ which wasted quite a lot of time lol. After the ECP u-turn (14km mark) my legs were getting significantly tired so I started walking a bit, then from there till the finish I set small targets eg. “I’ll run to the start of the bridge then can walk up”, basically running around 2km then resting a bit by walking! After the bridge was the ECP-and-gardens-connector part which I find v sian so I entertained myself by playing up down left right xD got up to 105 before I gave up/ reached the end of that stretch.

I was aiming for 2h45min but the last 2km was back at tanjong rhu where the route was on the grass, I walked quite a lot and at the 20km marker it was around 2h41 already so I aimed for finishing in less than 2h50 instead xD In the end my timing was 2h48 which is exactly 8min/km*21km! Such a nice number hehe.

After finishing I found joe (after some retardedness cos we’d agreed to meet at the stairs but there were 2 stairs so I didn’t see him when I finished) then after chilling a while we went to shower and had a v good breakfast at old town white coffee :D

So yup this is the summary of my first half marathon! Happy that I completed it quite manageable-y (ran continuously most of the way and was aching less than expected afterwards) :D Don’t think I’ll be running another one anytime soon though, 10k is more than enough for a while hahaha. But I’ll still continue running regularly after this “rest” week!


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