galaxy macarons

One good thing about my internship is that outside of time in the office, I don’t have to think about or do anything related to my work. So I’ve been having a lot of free time at home to do my own stuff! Which includes running ~twice a week, reading books (finished the selfish gene, norwegian wood and the time traveler’s wife so far, now re-reading TCIOTDITNT), trying to learn a few songs on the piano (which I haven’t touched in years LOL), and of course baking! I’ve wanted to try making macarons for a long time but never got round to it because it seemed hard and time-consuming. But yeah I finally decided to try baking them a few weeks ago. I looked through a whole bunch of recipes/ tutorial videos and decided to follow this recipe, and it’s really legit hehe my macarons rose nicely and had feet like they’re supposed to!!

Ok time for picture spam!

My first batch – was afraid of over-mixing but ended up not mixing enough, so the batter wasn’t runny enough and it didn’t spread out and smoothen nicely. But they rose anyway!!

IMG_20170527_155636 edited_500px IMG_20170527_160320 edited_500px

I mixed the next batch for a longer time so the consistency was better, and they turned out nicely!! I added a bit too much food colouring for the blue one but the colours fade after baking so it was still okay.

IMG_20170527_162121 edited_500px IMG_20170527_175658 edited_500px

IMG_20170527_195057 edited_500px

Decided to bake macarons again yesterday! I didn’t want to make the same boring colours again so I tried to get a marble-y colouring by adding red and blue food colouring at the last minute, and only mixing a little bit so there’ll be swirls of colour:

IMG_20170715_202758 edited_500pxIMG_20170715_210108 edited_500px

Sadly the colours faded a lot after baking but it’s still pretty cool imo

_DSC0933 edited_500px

Was v free today so I tried to do some food photography! ie. plucking random plants from the garden to decorate my photo xD

_DSC0939 edited_500px

Yayyy look at that feet:

_DSC0944 edited_500px_DSC0940 edited_500px

I used lemon curd for the filling both times cos I was lazy to go out and buy ingredients xD but I think it’s a good pairing cos the sourness offsets the macaron’s sweetness! Discovered microwave lemon curd omg I’m never gonna stand at the stove and stir for 20min again. 1 recipe of ^ made way too much (probably around 2x) lemon curd for the amount of shells I had (about 60 individual shells) so I have a lot of lemon curd leftover now hahaha. Maybe I’ll just make a lemon tart again and plop it all in. Oh ya last last weekend I baked a lemon tart and brought it to office on mon and it happened to be keith (one of the bosses)’s birthday so we used the tart to celebrate instead of getting cake! Ok anyway next time I want to try using chocolate ganache for filling. And maybe flavouring the shells.

bakerella chocolate cheesecake.jpg

Also baked bakerella’s chocolate cheesecake bars some time ago (photo koped from my insta). Dark chocolate + cheesecake + lotus biscuits is the most amazing combination ever.

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