first foray into film [part 1]

I’ve always thought that all those old analog cameras look really cool. Like:


A month or two ago, I randomly did some research and found out that film photography was actually still alive! So I decided to ask my grandfather about his old cameras and told him I was interested in trying film photography. He dug out a bunch of equipment from his dry box and ended up giving me his no-longer-used Canon A-1 and manual focusing 50mm f1.8 lens! I was amazed that he still had the camera’s battery (which, even more amazingly, still works) and user manual.

(Some background on the A-1: it was a very advanced SLR when it was first produced 40 years ago, eg. it’s the first SLR to have full program mode. And it’s better than the AE-1 pictured above but I guess more people like the AE-1 nowadays cos it looks more vintage.)

I went to Triple D, one of the last few film photography shops in sg, and bought two rolls of 35mm film – since I’m just trying out film photography for a bit and not sure how good my shots will turn out anyway, I chose the cheapest films. The first film that I loaded my dad helped me load into my camera is the $7 Kodak 200 Gold. It’s not expensive, but knowing that each shot costs money made me shoot very conservatively hahaha.

Ok enough backstory, here’s how my first roll of film turned out! (all photos were not edited after scanning)

the first 2 photos were at a restaurant. turned out very bad cos of low + tungsten light.


The next time I brought the camera out was quite a few weeks later hahaha. Took a few shots from a v cool rooftop in Tanjong Pagar (thanks vivek for access!!)


sketched some shophouses in the area too!


I brought both cameras (the film one and my nikon dslr) to christmas wonderland at gardens by the bay.

joe ended up learning some photography with my dslr while I used the A1

As expected, 200 iso isn’t the best idea for night photography…

much camera shake
abstract art?

… but I still got some (imo) pretty decent shots!

I like the far-away perspective and how the scene looks kinda peaceful/ serene
this was gorgeous through the viewfinder!! I spent a long time framing/focusing it but the photo didn’t turn out quite as great as what I saw in the viewfinder :( though I still like it!
not that great but it’s the only ok photo of christmas wonderland

to be continued!

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