[cali 2018] part 3: san francisco & the bay

Finally on to the last part of our trip! We spent one night in San Francisco, then 3 nights at Mountain View for Google I/O. One day was just enough to cover the main tourist attractions – Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge, plus we dropped by the first Swensen’s store which had really good icecream!! We decided to skip Alcatraz island because we weren’t very interested in seeing a prison haha.

We reached SF around 5+pm and immediately drove to our hostel (Green Tortoise, was great and would recommend), checked in and dumped our luggage, and then rushed to do our module bidding which was at 6pm 😂😂 After that we headed to Fisherman’s Wharf to return the car and met some of our friends for dinner! Had yummy fish and chips at some restaurant overlooking Alcatraz island.


The next day we started off with a walk to Coit Tower.

I was amazed by how the roads are in a perfect grid! And some of them are so steep that the pedestrian walkway at the side is a looong flight of stairs.
This is Coit tower! The windows at the top are the lookout level.

Joe was keen to see Coit Tower because apparently it’s the name of a Swensen’s sundae. Walking here was a good workout though, because the tower is on the top of a hill .___. But it was worth the effort (+$8 per person to go up the tower) for the good views!!



3 by 6 image panorama, achieved by sticking my camera out the window xD

Next stop was Fisherman’s Wharf again, it’s definitely a tourist area but still feels very chill with some interesting shops (and a piano staircase!). Didn’t take much photos here except for the sea lions:


There are sooo many of them and it was fun just to hang around and watch their antics! After seeing enough of the sea lions, we got ourselves a bucket of clam chowder which was thick and yummy :D


Being in SF for the first time, we had to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. Luckily it was nice and sunny that day, but walking on the bridge was extremely windy and cold!! We quickly turned back after snapping some photos around the first tower thing hahaha. I was surprised at first to see signs around listing suicide hotlines and telling people not to jump :/

Nice view of the bridge from the nearby Baker beach!

We dropped by the first Swensen’s store – it’s an ice cream store with no proper food, which is strange cos in Singapore I’d go to Swensen’s for food but not so much for ice cream. But the ice cream there was seriously impressive!!

With that, the day was coming to an end so we got our things from the hostel and took the Caltrain over to Mountain View for 3 days of Google I/O.

We borrowed Gbikes (bicycles for Google employees to ride around the campus) on one of the more boring afternoons to visit the Android statues lawn. It was much smaller than I’d expected but still cute, with all the desserts from cupcake to marshmallow!



On the last afternoon, we visited the Apple Park visitor centre, which is basically a huge Apple store in a cool building beside the new UFO-shaped office. There was an AR section showing the new campus that was pretty well done!



The view of the UFO office was blocked by lots of trees. But anyway this was only from the second floor so I don’t think it’s meant to be able to see much.

Yup and that’s the end of my US trip with Joe!!


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