weekly thoughts #5

Oops it’s been a while.

Had some recent meetups where I felt like I was quite “out” of the conversation :/ in the sense that I can’t relate much to what the rest are talking about, but I also can’t think of other good topics to bring up. I guess for the guys group it’s always been kinda like this cos they’re always talking about gaming (and last time it was always NS haha but at least that one was pretty interesting to listen to). And I’ve never known of all the “famous” people in rj in the first place, but going to sutd made me very cut off from any news about them, so when the inevitable gossip exchange starts I’m like “ok idk who that is” 90% of the time hahaha. Not sure what I should do about this….

Also last week I was talking to 2 friends who had/were having problems with their parents not letting them do something they wanted (for 1)/ being super overprotective about everything they do (the other 1). I suppose they have their reasons and their own circumstances that led to this but especially for the 2nd one, it’s really damn extreme lol and it’s sad that at 23 years old you need to consider what would your mum think for every decision you make and everything you do D: I was telling my parents about this and my dad said “it’s good training for when he gets married!” HAHAHAHA. But anyway thinking about this made me super grateful to my parents! For always providing guidance and support, but at the same time giving me and my sis a lot of independence in both day to day things, and in life decisions.

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