no bake yumz [4 ingredient choc tart]

Made no bake oreo chocolate tarts with jolene on friday! I don’t make tarts much cos they usually need some type of cream (whipping/ heavy/ idk what else there is) which I have to specially go and buy, but these have only 4 super basic ingredients and are amazingly easy to make!!

1228 tart bw
pac man!!!
1228 tart
haagen dazs salted caramel at the back 8) (though even I think it’s overly sweet)

Recipe by jolene:

No Bake Chocolate Tart
makes 2-3 small tarts or 1 normal-sized tart

Tart crust:
1 roll oreo cookies (137g) or about 150g digestive biscuits (I like the digestives version more)
50g butter
Melt butter and crush cookies into crumbs. Mix together, mould into tart pan then freeze.
200g dark choc chips
50ml milk
50g butter
Warm milk and butter, pour over choc chips and set for 5 min, then stir till homogenous. Pour into tart crust and freeze.

When you have a chocolate craving, go make this!! No need for expensive tarts at cafes that aren’t even that great (ahem ewf)

little pancakes

Going out with your family is great hahaha you get good food without having to pay yourself xD anw went to try little pancakes today! It’s too pretty not to share but I’ve kind of abandoned instagram so just gonna┬ápost here (no prizes for guessing which was mine)




Super pretty, tastes not bad but it’s so overpriced D: think I’ll stick to strictly haha more ex but more worth it too!

Today was quite retarded haha first of all I forgot to bring anything for both physics and chem lectures. Ms tan wasn’t here so we watched a beautiful mind for civics, and ofc we didn’t manage to finish, but we stopped like exactly where I watched until with cecilia last time -__- then v short break only which we made a tiny bit of progress on op. Then yeah lectures that I didn’t pay much attention to cos I didn’t have my notes x__x and the survey thing. Was supposed to meet jack and wei deng but I just ate lunch in canteen with benny sean zhang benji and cecilia who crashed our table LOL. After lunch I sat at canteen until weideng finallyy checked his phone, then we did our route planning stuff!

Idk how dawn and I somehow always manage to find each other everyday hahaha but yeah met her, zhang and benji and we slacked in the canteen until dawn and zhang left for their trainings. Then benji and I randomly met benny’s pw group doing their math soc treasure hunt, and we had nothing better to do so went to join them hahaha

So ya overall a v retarded day lololol. Sighh tmr’s supposed to be free day for my class but I’m probably still gonna be in school the whole day DDD:

what are cts

Have been super unmotivated to study lol when I was overseas I thought “ok can slack now then when I get back I’ll only have 1 week left for everything so I’ll be forced to be productive” but err that lasted for about 2 days while doing chem and now I’m back to slacking! Physics and chem aren’t actually that bad cos you read a bit then do the revision exercises, but econs is blehh just read until bored D: and I haven’t actually touched math except when people ask me stuff

The past few days for me have been: wake up at 9/10ish, eat bfast then talk on wa until 12, try to start on work, do a little bit then lunchtime alr, after lunch end up sleepy/ varying levels of productivity (but with tea breaks everyday heh) until dinner, then slack until 12ish xD

Went out on sat, I had to go and personally wake the sleeping beauty up, it was uhh abit weird LOL but enjoyed the night! Plus it was free for me hahaha but eh yeah I’ve barely gone out the whole jun hols so never spend much, which is why I’m not broke even though I got super little holiday allowance

lemon cheesecake :D

I made no-bake cheesecake! Stupidly bought too little cream cheese but I was lazy to go out and buy again so I just made 2/3 of the recipe, so ended up with a v thin cheese layer but it’s super good hehe x) not particularly fancy or ath (I didn’t even make any topping) but I added lemon juice which made it much nicer :D

Tried making tauhuay with simin for the first time today, it’s actually pretty easy! We made some in laoban containers and wanted to give them and see if they’d notice anything different hahaha but they saw all the tauhuay in the fridge before we could give them D: but anyway it was a success haha yay homemade tauhuay!

And woah watch this

(sorry this isn’t a very coherent post i was trying to quickly finish and go sleep!)

birthdays and cakes

Two of my friends turned 17 over the past few days and I volunteered to bake their birthday cakes!

I only had one afternoon for bella’s cake so I wanted to make something easy and safe = a brownie cake! ie. a brownie baked in a round cake tin. I was going to make frosting but I kind of forgot and made a spiral “decoration” with the peanut butter instead, so I decided to abandon the frosting x) oh and I used the peanut butter snickers recipe again! Made 1.5x the recipe so it wouldn’t be too thin in the round tin.

peanut butter spiral which was annoying to make
after baking :D

And of course yesterday was cecilia’s bday! I’m very proud of my card + cake so gonna spam pictures of them hehe

reference for drawing her name (the font is called sketch block)
after cutting
popping the letters out part 1
ta da!! phew i managed to pop up the letters and glue the rest without killing anything

And now for the cake! Tiff came to my house and we bought Turkey lemons hahahaha. Anyway we made an ombre lemon pound cake with lemon cream cheese frosting (click for the respective recipes/ omg what a long name). For the four layer cake we had to make double the cake recipe, and we were scared that one batch of frosting wouldn’t be enough but it was just nice!

batter for the middle two layers

Making ombre (colour gradient) layers is quite fun! We left the top layer just natural yellow, then added increasing amounts of red food colouring to the other layers x)

the layers weren’t the exact same size D:
the red gel ran out halfway through Cecilia so we smudged it up and wrote in white on top xD
first look at the inside of the cake!
yay pretty layers :DD
woohoo pretty layers :D

Yay success!! The layers slid a little but we stuck toothpicks in and solved the problem. And the cake layers by themselves were quite tasteless/ tasted a bit weird but the frosting was yummy and covered up for the lack of taste of the cake xD

And now I’m in charge of baking my grandfather’s birthday cake too hahaha

chocolate chip cookies & ice cream

Made chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream yesterday! And since I was gonna make cookie dough, might as well make more and bake cookies too right. So now I have ice cream and cookies yay!!





Woohoo this ice cream was better than my first try in terms of texture but I think the taste is a bit weird! And my sister couldn’t tell that it was my homemade one hehe means it must be not too bad x)

I think chocolate chip cookies are the easiest thing to bake ever, no matter what recipe I use they all end up quite nice!


homemade peach ice cream


First attempt from the Ben & Jerry’s recipe book: fresh georgia peach ice cream! But since the peaches were neither fresh nor from georgia, it’s just peach ice cream.

It's quite icy D: but I managed to scoop it into a ball haha

No ice cream maker -> I left it in the freezer and whisked every half an hour, it took really long to freeze (I think cos our freezer isn’t very cold) so I was mixing it for almost a whole day. And it still turned out quite hard and icy D: but after leaving it at room temperature for a while the texture became slightly better haha and tastes not bad!