so close yet so far

Haven’t posted in months lol. But I think I’ve been posting at least once every term and this term is ending soon so gotta keep up the streak xD

2 more weeks to term break!!

This term started out well (taking computer vision, graphics and visualisation, making maps, and capstone), with finally more interesting content. But omg I’m v sian now because each mod has a project and with each project comes a report + presentation in addition to developing the actual product. And all of the presentations are next week but our actual work isn’t even completed yet… so not looking forward to chionging everything next week :'( but I can’t wait for it to be over ahaha

In better news, I’m going to California during the 2 week break!! Super excited cos I’ve never travelled so far before, and it’s with joe and we’re going for google i/o (google’ s developer conference at their office in SF)! It honestly feels quite random- this trip is only happening because I took part in a Google codejam for women (an online programming competition) for fun, and turns out I scored in the top 150 so I won a free ticket to Google i/o plus 500usd travel reimbursement. And it was just nice during my holiday, so why not right? And joe managed to get a student ticket to the conference too! We’re going LA and SF mainly, and sequoia national park which has humongous trees that look really cool. Anyone got any tips/recommendations for things to do around there pls tell me :D


[mostly written last sun 15 oct but I was lazy to finish up and post]

Wow time flies man it’s going to be recess week soon! This term has been great so far, we finally got to choose our mods and I think I made the right decision to drop networks (how the Internet works, IP addresses TCP UDP blah blah) and take optimization (esd mod, lots of math but with very relevant and interesting applications).

For opti we’ve had guest lectures by redmart reps and also a prof who’s worked with grab and didi (china version of grab) and who does research on optimization in transport problems. It’s really very cool imo to see how the stuff we’re learning is used in businesses, and the complexity of optimization problems in the real world is really mind-blowing. Before this I didn’t know opti is so directly relevant hahaha I mostly wanted to take it cos it involves more math x) but yep data analytics is now something I’m considering going into too!

Also the opti prof is v amusing, one lesson he was like: “ok now let me tell you about the midterm. there will be 6 questions”
Everyone: *starts to pay attention*
Prof: “The first question will be to convert min |x-y| to standard form. Yall should all know how to do this right, if not please go and revise”
Prof: “Ok then the rest of the questions are easy also except q6. Do you want me to give a hint for q6?”
Everyone: …?!
Prof: “Ok let me give you a hint”

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explore s u t d

(this post was started last wed but never finished until now)

[29 March] I’ve been ridiculously free the past few days, from sunday when I was home alone for most of the day and was so bored I went to try playing piano, to today where I spent the whole day chilling with istd friends: wanted to go out and watch a movie but it was raining so we ended up watching shows in the recre room, then went out for dinner + walked around daiso + sat at starbucks until we were all freezing, then played darts + sherlock holmes game (where we concluded that we’re not cut out to be detectives).

Part of it is because school is somehow very un-challenging and ESC has no more homework, but the main reason why I’m suddenly so free is because the app I’ve been working on is finally done!!! It’s called exploreSUTD and is available on both app store and play store now :D Vivek and I have been working on it since Sept last year so to finally set the version number to 1.0.0 for first release feels good. This is my first major project and I’ve definitely learnt a lot, so just wanted to record some thoughts about it!

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term 4 overrr

Late post cos I flew to bangkok the day after my finals and never got around to writing about school. I’m now writing this on the plane to taiwan!! The gymmers trip is finally actually happening after planning for so long (thanks tiff and reudi(?) for doing most of it) yayy hope everything goes well :D

Anyway this has been an interesting term! My batch had a lot of complaints about our mods and even compiled a gdoc of feedback lol but I think it wasn’t that bad la. I quite liked comp structs, algo was ok but had disappointingly little content/math. Java can definitely be much better taught but idk whether it’s the course or really just the profs’ teaching… :/

We only had 1 final exam this term, for algo, but the other 2 mods had final projects (internet of things for java and making an electronic game for comp structs).

game setup.jpeg
my game!
lights topview.jpeg
cool LED cube

It’s a 3D maze/pacman-ish game where you use arrow buttons to move around the LED cube. Super proud of it cos everything worked out well, I started off by wanting to make an LED cube cos it looked cool and in the end we managed to use it for our game in a v nice way!! Plus it’s an original game (me + jjj’s ideas combined) that’s pretty good, I think if I came across this game I’d get addicted and want to finish all the levels HAHA. @anyone reading this, if you ever come to SUTD ask me to show you the actual thing ^^

hydra – an automatic plant watering system

For IoT I didn’t actually do much cos one guy in my group tanked all the hardware stuff and the remaining 5 of us split up the app. And you don’t really need 5 people to make one simple app lol. So I basically only did the UI for some of the pages. #slacker oops :x Plus a few of us were working on the report which was due on sat (day after exam), but when I flew to bangkok I kind of forgot/didn’t care about the report and apparently the rest also either forgot or didn’t care so in the end nobody finished up and submitted the report. Luckily our prof was nice and emailed us to ask for it, if not it’s really v bad haiz. And yeah I have no right to be annoyed at the rest cos I was irresponsible in leaving the report unfinished and assuming that someone else would do it too :x

Bleh such a different experience from working on the SUTD app (there was a competition by SUTD admissions to create an app for prospective students to explore the campus and get notified about events, vivek nick and I (rinjani ppl!) decided to try). We spent a lot of our free time working on the app and trying to make it a complete, polished app and not just a prototype kinda thing. We were pretty serious about it so we managed to do a lot given the number of ppl and time, imo! Anyway there were only 3 teams at the final pitch but ours was the most complete, almost-ready-to-publish one but they still had to discuss and made all teams send them our apps for ‘testing’. Quite sian that it dragged out so long instead of them just choosing the winner quickly so they can work on finalising the app asap…

Anyway halfway through my bangkok trip they sent us an email to say we won!!! $5k yayyy (split among 3 people haha but still not bad) plus the cooler thing is that the app will be legitly published by sutd and used by people :DD

alone but not lonely

It’s been a long time since I last posted LOL I’ve gone through half a term already! Fridays are always free days for me plus next week is recess week so feeling quite nua now.

Just had demo for comp structs 1D (a project where we have to program an arithmetic logic unit (basically a binary calculator) on this thing called a Mojo) and…. I think I should be more patient with people :/ the project is a 3-people group one and each group is only given one mojo, but you can only test your code on the mojo -> only one person can be programming at one time. So I figured the fastest way to finish the project is for me to just tank the required components of the programming then later explain to them what I did. Cos it’s not hard enough to be worth the trouble of splitting up the work and then merging it together, and if we all sit somewhere to “do together” there’s also no point cos only one person will be programming and the rest will be wasting their time lol. So yeah I did that on wed, then left it to them to try adding extra functions if they want. In the end one of them stayed up trying to program a cool light display but didn’t manage to get it to work, and the other added one function but that screwed up a few other functions and he didn’t test it, so we only found out this morning during the demo and I had to debug on the spot T__T how ah?? I wanna be collaborative and help them learn also but it’s so inefficient…..

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sleepy and freshnomore

Boo everyone updates so infrequently now I have nothing interesting to read D:

Anyway I am randomly quite free this week! Life has been interesting these past few weeks, I just cycled to Burp @bedok reservoir to eat salted egg chicken wings ^^ Someone said it’s like we’re living the life before hell (= exams) starts hahaha.

Yesterday was Fresh No More (an event to celebrate the ending of our first year which SUTD calls Freshmore year so it’s punny haha ha ha) and each class had one bbq pit and free food!! I like bbqing haha but it was nice that people always offered to swap and let the bbqing people eat so we took turns. Unlike in sec 4(?) gym chalet I still rmb tsk we were bbqing and the juniors just sat there and lepaked and ate the food and didn’t even offer to help out D:< Yeah but anyway woah there’s just this week and next week of lessons left, then finals and it’ll be the end of first year! I’m excited for summer and looking forward to learning more focused/useful stuff (unlike ahembioahem) in pillar year but kinda sad to change class now that I’m quite familiar with most people.

After freshnomore my class had a “drinking party” in my room (cos me and my roommate are both in the same class), there were soo many ppl squeezed inside one small room lol. I drank a bit only and my face became v red haha but I felt normal and just nua-ed on my bed. I thought there would be like more htht but we ended up playing pictionary and heads up charades, I’m amazed that we were entertained by charades for so long LOL. Actually the playing games part just reminded me of gym haha we played pictionary at jasmine’s room before, charades everywhere and with gym it’s equally high and fun even without alcohol haha. Oh ya we also did I have never/ever and uhh some of the things that people did before… o__o lolol. Hmm I wanna find out what I’m like when I’m drunk but not embarrass myself in front of/ get judged by a lot of ppl. But I don’t see what’s so great about alcohol leh haha I added a lot of mixer to mine and even then the taste was still so strong… bleurgh.

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prove it or lose it

This term our mods are called Engineering in the Physical World, Modelling the Systems World, the Digital World and Introduction to Physical Chemistry lololol the first 3 trying to sound cheem when they’re basically physics, math and programming respectively hahahaha. But they sound interesting and I think they’re kinda like introductions to 3 of the pillars in SUTD, I’m still not sure which pillar I want so hopefully this term will help me decide!

I went back to work in the photog studio for the last 2 weeks cos my boss was moving studio and needed help with packing/ arranging stuff at the new studio. It was quite sian cos there were sooo many things to pack at the old studio/ unpack at the new studio… lucky school started so I could only work for those 2 weeks hahaha his new assistant is probably still busy arranging all the equipment and props and random stuff LOL. I think I don’t like it cos I’m kinda ocd and I’ll want to find the best possible way to arrange everything but like after I arrange one section I’ll realise that there’s some stuff that can’t fit in nicely so I wanna rearrange it but there’s really just so much stuff which makes it never-ending cos there’s no way to arrange it in an ideal way. Ok this is a v random rant hahaha maybe I should choose ESD cos I have a natural inclination to optimize things HAHA

Interestingly I feel like now that school has started I’m suddenly rly free! I think cos the few days before that were quite shag haha on fri I left work early and went home to change (I put makeup by myself!!! #achievementunlocked) for sean’s comms ball. We couldn’t get a cab cos it was raining so we had to take public transport to the hotel D: the ball itself was not bad! There were performances and games throughout which were quite entertaining + meant I didn’t really have to talk to other people yay xD and unlike social night there were tables and chairs!

On sun I went for frisbee sunig and… was quite useless haha sian. But mel (a senior who’s v zai) taught me how to improve on my forehand flick and I think it’s getting better! After that was gymmers bbq which was surprisingly chill but still nice. And we discussed about gym holiday!!!! Idk why some people have objections to so many countries lol as long as we get to go tgt I don’t really mind anywhere? I think cos my parents are v open-minded about travelling also like we go to beaches/ cold places/ cities/ nature places/ both developed and undeveloped countries so I’m very ok with anywhere haha. Ahh rly hope I can go though cos it’ll most likely be during my summer break which means internship time :/

This first week of sch was fun cos we had sports fiesta, I played something almost everyday haha went for touch rug, windsurfing (it’s a lot harder than it looks omg and v tiring but v shiok when you actually balance and move!!), frisbee and soccer. My class actually did pretty well haha proud of us! :D (ok except frisbee where we lost all our matches LOL I threw a lot of bad throws but I caught a huck from vivek woohoo #momentofglory) thx vivek for the team talks and for being mvp for everything hahaha. Lol it doesn’t really feel like school has properly started cos other than lesson time I spent most of last week lepaking/ playing sports/ going out for supper hehe twas a great week!

Quote of the week cos this deserves to be remembered:

Prof: what do you get when 2 hydrogen atoms fuse? (as in nuclear fusion, not bonding)

Ans: helium

Prof: ok then what do you get when 2 helium atoms fuse?

Marvin: hehe

HAHAHA o marvin :’)


Soo I got back some papers today and the most surprising result is A FOR GP!!!!! Really completely unexpected wow (although apparently ms tan doesn’t think so LOL cos she makes everyone say their marks aloud to check, so when it came to me the class was like woahhh but she went “is that very surprising??” and in my mind I was like ya?!!?) The only thing I did for gp was read newspapers every day during the few days before the exam and wow it really helped, most of my examples were about ebola cos it was on the newspapers every day.

Getting back results periods always make me thankful for my parents for never pressurizing me for exams. When I look at my class I find it really sad how some of them get 2 Bs and honestly think “shit I failed” or “my dad is gonna scold me” :S yesterday at physics we saw a guy from another class going “omg I passed!!!” which kinda puts things into perspective? I mean it’s good to aim for A but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get it….. I think in most cases it’s parents’ expectations that affect their kids’ mindsets and make them so stressed over exams sigh.

I finally played my wii again after years of not touching it hahaha played mario kart with benny benji sean george, then again with dawn tiff jolene after gym sleepover! It’s cool how in this age of digital revolution (??) where phones and stuff get obsolete after a year, my wii has provided entertainment for my family and people who come to my house since I was like P5? Anyway I finally learnt how to unlock new races thanks to benny HAHA. And there weren’t enough batteries for the controllers so we tried out the ‘life hack’ thing- use a smaller battery then stuff aluminum foil beside it to connect the circuit, it really works!!!!

My sis introduced me to this Korean reality show that has super cute kids! Go watch here you’ll confirm fall in love with them hahahaha:


First time blogging in over a month wow (the new new post page looks nice!) but surprisingly I’ve still had pretty decent pageviews :O

Btw if you’re reading this, click here to go watch jiamin and cecilia’s film!! It’s really v good and cecilia composed all the music, cool or what :D

Today was an unexpectedly fun day! Also a reminder that although most people think of my class as nerds/ muggers/ generally weird people, we know how to have fun too and our “weirdness” bonds us in a way. Like being united in non-understanding of GP LOL today we went through a compre which had a seriously illogical answer key.

Econs is always funny cos we make mr teo discuss random stuff but today especially so, cos one part of the qn was about policies to help with shrinking labour force and one way is to increase birth rate. Shijian suggested “import ah tiongs” and everyone was like ??? and quiet for 3 seconds, then benny suddenly burst out laughing SUPER loudly and uncontrollably then we all just started laughing at benny’s laughing (I don’t think I’m describing it very well but at that moment it was seriously super funny). After that we learnt that ah tiong = ppl from china ie. shijian himself LOLOL. Then sean suggested “encourage polygamy” and everyone starting going “ope” hahahaha even mr teo was like “careful ah don’t say that to your girlfriend”…. HAHAHA

After that we had PE which was pretty fun considering it’s softball. It’s quite chaotic when we play cos all the fielders fail at throwing and catching the ball so it flies v far away and everyone manages to run a lot. And george omg cos we played with the teacher pitching, but if you strike twice then must hit from the pole, and on george’s turn he killed the pole HAHA it’s like made of 2 tubes, one stuck into the other, then he hit too low and somehow managed to dislodge the top tube and make it fly LOL. I only batted once but I hit a flying ball yay :D also I crashed into jiun harn and made him fall (we were both running to the home base) oops :/

After PE some of us decided to continue playing stuff cos sean had a soccer ball, yucai and ka ying picked their teams and I was the first to be picked heh *honoured* but err we played soccer and I was v useless hahaha only touched the ball like twice D: then we switched to captain’s ball frisbee-style which was a lot more fun imo! This is the most exercise I’ve had in a while man and playing games is soo much better than running

We sat in canteen and talked nonsense for a while and came to the conclusion that being a lawyer is like being a prostitute cos you get paid to screw people. But a lawyer is paid by one guy to screw a different guy so shijian: “so a lawyer is a rapist for hire” then jansen: “and he only uses his mouth!” dead lololol

Oh on sunday I stayed over at cecilia’s house with dawn and beatrice to watch world cup finals! Cecilia and dawn support germany and beatrice supports argentina (mostly messi) so it was quite funny but also a lot more interesting than watching at home cos of stuff like “lizard guy!!!” (özil) LOL idk about lizard but he reallllly looks like mr de souza. And I won $2 from betting goal diff 1! Though I don’t really support any team haha it’s weird but like… I have no reason to support any particular team??

(why is there no more word count I liked knowing how long I write!)

little things

Nothing very significant has happened but I decided that I need to start posting again before I end up neglecting my blog forever

Got to miss school yesterday for linear alg test which I found quite okay, managed to finish everything (hopefully all correctly) and now it’s completely over!! Until we get results which might be next year lol, the whole bell curve thing is quite depressing cos you see people like jiun harn going “did they accidentally set a very easy paper??” so well hoping for the best

Anyway I’m very free now with no more H3 plus gym only once a week! Training has been very aimless since after comps but ok lah it’s gotten better, on monday we all helped to teach the new j1s front somer and back drop and it’s heartening to see them trying hard :) the new exco has been chosen also and the interview was useless haha, the voting outcome was slightly unexpected but yeah hope they’ll all still work together and do their jobs well.

Also I’ve been trying to learn free cart under angelia’s coaching and on monday I DID IT!!!! though from abit higher to lower ground and very inconsistent but still yayy haha :D I always thought free cart was v cool!

On saturday I went for dinner + grease with sean’s family and it was a very interesting experience haha they ordered a 2 litre barrel of alcohol and finished that plus one more pint!

I think I’ve improved loads for tennis! It’s our morning PE and at first I was like noo why cos I suck at tennis (I got needs improvement when we did it in sec 4) but yeah now I can at least serve and return balls with some chance of success x)

Ok yup these are some of the random things that I’ve been doing haha I’ll try to blog more now that I’m freer!