time is ticking

The title reminds me of gym concert “hey big foot!” “hey little foot” “what’s the time now, big foot?” “it’s 7.30, time is ticking! tick tock tick tock….” LOLOL

But yeah time is really flying by and in a few months jc will be over! Having mixed feelings about it cos having a ton of free time after As sounds great but it also means starting to take charge of my own life :O and no more seeing everyone regularly in school. I think I’ve been quite a passive friend in terms of being the one to initiate a conversation or suggest going out so sorry guys :/ Sean was saying that it’s a good thing people often ask us math (or other subjects) questions so it serves as a way to keep talking to them, and ya I really agree! So uhh to anyone’s reading this, feel free to ask more questions if you need hahaha and I will try to be less passive in my friendships!

I have been sleeping at least 10h every night since thursday LOL and after thursday my productivity has dropped sharply (I sound like yiyin HAHA sorry yiyin but you’re always tweeting about productivity!). Thurs was an unexpectedly good day though! I was one of the v little j2s at assembly and dawn joined my class cos none of her other classmates were there (our ct told my class that it was compulsory so a lot of us actually turned up). I thought it’d be still ok to go for tday and pass our class’ cards to the teachers but they gave most of the cards during the concert which I ponned, so the tday part ended up quite useless. But I stayed in school and studied with dawn, which was a much-needed change from all the time spent with guys haha the stuff they talk about is really weird most of the time o__o. Plus they always have this nobody-can-start-eating-until-the-last-person-gets-their-food thing which I find (and dawn agrees) really stupid!!

Also sigh I cannot decide whether I would rather study in the US or UK?? It’s like breadth vs depth and I think breadth sounds more interesting but also takes one whole more year, and the UK system seems much more similar to Singapore’s plus most of my friends are aiming there and it’s so much easier to apply for. And like tiff said, US sounds scary because of all the school shootings and rapes but all the adults have been telling me that the US is the place to study comp science because all the silicon valley and stuff are there which makes sense too. bleh :(

Anyway to anyone reading this, jiayou with studying!!!

last training of the year

Happy doomsday!

I went for training again today, when I reached joyce was the only one there and everyone else came late. We had to do stretching, ti tui and circuit training for conditioning and there was nobody to slack and skip stuff with me so I just did everything with the juniors. It was pretty bad D: paired with mireille for stretching, we had to do the sit and reach sitting on each other thing and she counts even slower than me so I was suffering hahaha. Then teo came up with a new thing again where you hold on to the tramp/bar/beam with both hands, then kick your leg in front in between your arms. And must kick above the thing you’re holding! After that I did conditioning with isabelle, like there were 6 stations: tramp (double tuck, straight jump, double straddle, straight jump, 4 sets of that), vertical bars (tuck and hold for 15s), tumble track (20 pike jumps on the crash mat), rings (swing legs back and forth 10x), low beam (10x of the swinging arms thing, I didn’t fall at all yay), high beams (jump down and land 5 times on each beam). Then 4 rounds of the whole thing! x__x isabelle and I were v tired even though we did quite slowly and kept resting in between stations hahaha.

I jumped a bit, did front pike half turn and tried dive again! It was quite okay even though I hadn’t done since last time in hpps. Spent the rest of the time talking to the sec 3s, they’re super funny hahaha thinking about it makes me smile x)

After training I took 92 to buona vista with some of the juniors, but they all went to take mrt so I went to the star vista with jenn. Bought some baking stuff from the supermarket (which was quite small and didn’t have my jelly hmph) and we ate frozen yoghurt, then I went home.

Tang yuan for 冬至!

what is friendship?

I have come to the conclusion that there’s no answer haha because people are different and so each friendship is different!

I discovered that howstuffworks.com has a “people” section hahaha like how people work, and it says:  Friendship is a type of relationship between two people who care about each other. Which yeah is quite true I guess! But so vague haha I’m looking for specific things that can let people become friends. (by friends I mean real friends, not just everyone that you know/can talk to) hmm I never actually thought very much about my friendships before but somehow this year I’ve become much more conscious about it. And so I’ve been asking people why they’re friends with me xD I still don’t know though, I guess everyone needs different things in their friends!

“Oh ya and one more thing
I love making you laugh
Your laugh is about the happiest thing in the world”

Sweetest thing ever hehe :))

“Cute is when someone does or says something really human or really sincere/honest/genuine/earnest and it makes you love them.” isn’t it kinda weird that being human/sincere/honest/genuine/earnest is so rare that there’s a word for it?!? Like shouldn’t everyhing people do be cute then

new theme!!

I finally got around to changing my theme hehe it’s colourful! Actually not very colourful also but less boring than the old one lah. I thought can customise the colours one but apparently you have to pay to do that?! Sad right why wordpress like that one D: oh but the colour schemes they provide are from colourlovers which is cool!

peanut butter snickers brownies


The title says it all, snickers + peanut butter + brownies = a very yummy brownie!! I was considering buying m&ms to add inside because it’s all unhealthy junk anyway so the more the merrier right, but each pack had so little I decided it was not worth it. Maybe some day I’ll try baking brownies with a lot of random stuff inside :D Baked this for tiff in exchange for her helping me do sth x)

Ok anyway!

chopped up snickers bars
added into the batter!

The recipe says to drop dollops of peanut butter on top of the batter and swirl it around with a knife so this is what I ended up with:

the result of my anyhow swirling

Ahh I should work at some bakery place to improve my skills xD or an ice cream shop! Oh I realised that a lot of shops are hiring so hopefully finding a job shouldn’t be too hard…

Yay gonna bring to training tmr! Speaking of training, I went hpps by myself again yesterday cos someone was looking for a job D: it was quite okay lah I was late so I just did conditioning until most people finished then went to jump with them xD spent the whole time doing backlay and I think it’s better now, or at least I can feel what I’m doing! Talked a bit to the juniors (who were amused by the flapping thing hahaha) and they’re mostly not bad alr! I hope more sec 3s can compete next year though.. juniors need to stop being so lazy argh when I go I jump more than everyone elsleh. And I forgot to bring textbooks for them again T___T

I haven’t taken photos of the baked brownie yet but gonna post this first and add photos tmr!

this tiffany wanted them all to herself and wasn't going to share T__T who's the pig huh!!
can see the snickers and peanut butter 8D


After interesting stuff happen I tell myself ‘ok I’ll blog about this later’ but when I have time to blog I can’t be bothered haha write about it for what! Anyway yeah this was supposed to be about yesterday’s training, but I’m lazy so summarized in point form:
– we did the sets of jumps thing
– my front pike half turn is much better than the prev training yay!
– warmed up backsomer into the sponge pit and I scraped my uh yknow the place between lower lip and chin. Does it have a name??
– tried backlay! The ri tramp is much nicer than hpps for backlay but I keep having to pike to come down
– I fell off the tramp hahahaha

Oh and I realised for the 4 trainings I went for, I have travelled there 4 different times and gone back home 4 different times! Ok one of each journey is getting fetched by my parents but still, there are so many ways to go there haha. I’m seriously considering walking/cycling on fri if the weather is nice.

Going ice skating now!!

pique nique

Was out the whole day on friday, ie. I finally have an exciting-enough-to-blog-about day!

Met tiffany cecilia and jiamin at botanic gardens mrt at 10, I was late but cecilia was even later and she cleverly brought a dslr without the memory card hahaha. The mrt is at one end and they insisted on going to the stage there (which is in the middle) to picnic, so we had to walk half of botanic gardens to get there. We had a lot of food so we just ate and talked at first! It was super funny “do you prefer poo or pee?” To which jiamin replied “huh I don’t get the question! Prefer as in do we prefer pooing or peeing, or would we prefer to eat poo or pee?” hahahahaha I brought frisbee so we played with it also, at first just throwing around and tiff trying to catch it with her feet/legs, then later she sat on the picnic mat and watched us play frisbee monkey! It was very tiring but fun haha I remember at one point we were all rofl-ing literally LOL very fun ok I love playing stuff like that!

I left at around 1.30 to meet my father and sister to go get new furniture for our room! I was going to walk to the other side of bg to take bus, but I got confused and ended up walking along some road all the way back to the bg mrt D:

Yup so we went to Ikea to order our wardrobe (which is coming today woohoo)! Oh we also ate chicken wings there :D every time we go ikea must eat chicken wings one hahaha and we tried the ice cream machine thing. It’s quite cool, you put the cone in the holder then it’ll dispense ice cream! The ice cream itself wasn’t very nice though I prefer macs one. Then we went to scanteak to get a cool display shelf thing + bunk bed!

By the time we finished furniture shopping it was 5ish alr so my father sent me straight for gym. It was still quite early though so we went to the minimart and got a waffle. Training was… not very good.

We went to the artscience museum yesterday to see 2 exhibitions. The lego one is very cool!!!! And they let you take photos hehe look at the coolness:

Yellow (the famous piece)
the Parthenon
(the red guy is made of lego)

And there was a photography exhibition also, but they don’t allow photos (the irony!). Uh idk I didn’t find it that good cos they’re those cheem stuff which I cannot appreciate lah. I just like nice-looking photos hahaha esp landscape! And food of course. Ooh ya I want to start a tumblr for photography heh should do it this holiday.

Ok yeah anyway go for the lego exhibition!!