i light u light

Wow wordpress changed the new post screen again?? And it now uses the apple font hmm I like how everything looks v clean but like a bit boring/ no character leh lol. At least this posting field still uses an interesting font (got curious and went to check, it’s called Merriweather).

Anyway I went to i light at marina bay last night, it was quite nice but tiring – we walked one whole round from esplanade to MBS and back to raffles place whew. Sadly I didn’t have my camera cos I went from school :( but I guess it doesn’t really matter cos I just used my phone and the quality was surprisingly good!

(wow much minimalist, there isn’t even a button for adding media anymore lol. seems like you have to drag and drop?)

Using a different layout for fun, click to view the whole photo with captions!

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sweet and salty

Today I discovered the amazingness of homemade salted caramel!!! It’s quite easy to make and soooo gooodd.

unfortunately the photo is not as good.

I had leftover whipping cream from the blackforest cake last week so I was searching for stuff to make with it and found this! Was a bit skeptical cos I always thought making caramel wasn’t that easy (usually need candy thermometer so that you don’t overcook the sugar or something) but I just tried it and it turned out v yummy hehe. I kept dipping a spoon into the pot to “test” while it was cooking xD

freshly made salted caramel sauce + brownies :)

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Writing this post cos I don’t feel like doing actual work hahaha.

I’m dyeing my hair tmr!!!! This actually came up cos I went shopping with some of the guys for benny’s bday present and I was complaining that they didn’t celebrate my bday (or rather sean brought up the fact that I was kind of salty about it lol). Then stanley came up with the idea of treating me to dye hair as a belated present and so… we went to check out the salons and book appointment! Exciting hehe hope it turns out nice x)


Blackforest cake for stanley + benji + benny’s birthdays! Glad it turned out quite well cos I kinda mixed two recipes plus substituted chocolate chips cos I last minute realised I didn’t have cocoa powder at home.

V amused by school this week – we learnt about communication between processes which was fun cos you can run different programs and make them talk to each other:

(the “husband” is the server which connects to multiple clients i.e. the “wives”. the husband can talk to multiple wives but each wife can only see her convo with the husband. This husband wife thing was in the code given to us LOL)


One of our hw problems is to make a chat room hahaha whatsapp for nerds xD

I was sick on wed and thurs, was v sian but I got to sleep a lot and do nothing heh. Ty vivek for accompanying me to see doctor ^^

Had lunch at sumiya today for jasmine’s bday, the charcoal grilled pork was gooddd

chill weeks

I recently realised that I’m already in junior year now! (basically year 3, cos this is my 5th studying term out of 8 in total)

Lessons have been…. uninspiring. This term is still all compulsory mods so I’m taking software construction (ie. java 2), computer system engineering (ie. comp structs 2) and probability & statistics. I’ve been skipping prob & stats quite often cos it’s faster to just read through the notes myself, ty joe and vivek for helping me mark attendance hehe yall r the best! Software constructs is very ‘high level’ as in we’re looking more at the big picture of software development (agile methodology, testing, design patterns) which is important to know I guess, but v sian to learn in class. Last week we had a talk by some people from Tata for one of our lessons and they talked about their workflow for a project, it’s super complicated man – everything must plan, get approval, test on many different levels, I can’t remember what else right now but ugh. Maybe next time when I have more experience doing bigger projects I’ll appreciate all these stages but for now I feel it’s v convoluted. I just want to do my programming!! Hahaha.

For hass I didn’t choose the maps mod fast enough :( so I’m in rice cultures with marvin weijun jiacheng and a bunch of other epd guys I know. Classes are quite boring cos the prof talks in a very dead way lol but having friends in class makes it more fun (esp marvin with all his nonsense). And we’re actually planting rice!

sowed the seeds on thurs!

Oh ya this is quite a while ago already but my uni friends got me a new bike for my birthday!! It’s a bit too tall for me LOL I can’t reach the floor on both sides at the same time but it’s v smooth and nice to cycle :DD Only cycled it out twice though, once to simei for impromptu dinner with nic and once to the mrt. Should cycle out for dinner more oftenn

my new bike :D

Anyway since school is relatively chill I’ve had time to go out/ meet people even on weekdays! My mondays are back to back lessons the whole day but tues and fri have 1 lesson each only.

stanley visited me in sch and helped me put up my fairy lights 8) yay you’re featured on my blog now pls be honoured

This week I was especially free for some reason. Played badminton on mon plus went for my first frisbee training in a long time, on tues we went to bedok point sushi express for dinner and celebrated clement’s bday, wed marvin drove to simpang for prata!! then we came back and went around getting free food from the vday carnival. I ended up going around with joe cos the rest weren’t v interested. But it was fun playing the bouncy castle stuff! And getting free churros and eclairs hehe.

clement made the melted crayon art kinda thing for his gf, I wanted to see how it’s done and ended up helping him with it. kinda fail cos the colour is supposed to be dripping down instead of filling the entire canvas LOL. idk whether it’s because he used oil pastels instead of crayons.

The exploreSUTD app is now in the testing phase ie. one step closer to being done woohooo. Strange how most of the app was actually completed long ago but all the small tweaks and finalizing up everything is dragging on for so long. But I don’t think there will be much more to change/ add on except moving the info pages to the CMS, and anyway open house is coming soon so the app needs to be out by then!

Another thing I’ve been working on is a website for a SUTD business competition (making the website that has all the competition info, not to participate in it). Pretty happy with how it turned out cos I think it looks much better than the previous year’s one. Also I only spent a total of 5h? or probably less that that on it cos I used some template and basically only had to change the content. Interesting that it’s so easy to make a decent looking website but getting a professional custom website is so ex.

2 weeks from today I will (hopefully) have my driving license!!!



Felt like posting something to remember today (technically yesterday) as a good day cos I got an internship offer!!!

It was super fast, I applied last tues and this monday they emailed asking if I’m free on tues or wed. Luckily didn’t need to wear formal cos I don’t have my formal clothes with me hahaha, I just wore the nicest clothes I had in hostel. So yup I went there today and had a v chill “interview” in the meeting room where we sat on beanbags xD

Questions asked, for my record:
– introduce yourself
– how did you find out about us & why do you want to intern here
– how/when did you start programming -> I talked about learning html/css through neopets hehheh
– different skill areas (databases & system administration were stuff that I said I didn’t know much about, programming languages, front-end, mobile)
– when working in a group do you usually do more backend or frontend (I said got both, I like trying diff stuff)
– I talked about exploreSUTD (the app I’m making for sutd) and showed them the app!

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new year old me

^ literally cos I’m one year older and now legally an adult ha ha

Tbh my 21st was a little underwhelming… I know it’s just another year and celebrating birthdays is just a symbolic thing, what really matters is the friendships that are there throughout all the other ordinary days but somehow the 21st one is particularly hyped up. I remember marvin once said sth like “there are only a few occasions in your life that you can gather everyone you know together – your 21st, your wedding and your funeral” (ok I’m not sure if he said the funeral part or I just thought of it and added it on LOL). Slightly regretting not organising my own celebration but oh well a bit too late now.

Been kinda conflicted over some things recently/ some for a while already:

– I like to think of myself as a rational person but sometimes I feel a certain way about something which doesn’t really make sense. Can’t think of any examples at the moment but it’s frustrating when I know I’m being irrational but I can’t convince myself to stop thinking/feeling that way

– I enjoy being with friends and I want to get to know new people too but sometimes I don’t know what to say/do and if the conversation gets superficial (maybe that’s too strong a word, I mean like on-the-surface and not about anything significant) for too long I become uninterested and prefer silence… think this is something I have to learn to deal with cos it’s ‘social norms’ and anyway every conversation/ friendship has to start off somewhere.

– if determinism is true and we have no free will (which I currently believe), does that make life kinda meaningless since we’re just experiencing a chain of cause and effect? I guess this can be resolved by saying that it doesn’t matter whether we really have free will, it’s enough that we think we can control our actions and make choices. If anyone has any thoughts on this pls share with me hahaha

– social media related: dunno how to phrase this. I don’t want to be a slave to likes but at the same time I can’t help feeling some sense of satisfaction when eg. I get more likes than usual on a photo.

– tech is taking over the world but some of the ‘innovations’ are so…?!? Like drone that follows you around taking selfies o__o narcissistic much. On the other hand there’s also things like the artificial intelligence revolution which is really mindblowing and scary. Not sure if I’ve posted about it before but if you have a few minutes pls go read or skim through that article!!! cos “what’s happening in the world of AI is not just an important topic, but by far THE most important topic for our future”. I rly want to do something meaningful when I graduate but I don’t know exactly what counts as meaningful too. ok this is an example of not being rational cos meaningful is just a vague feeling lol

Hmm anyway looking forward, was reading this article on things that make you happier and it made a lot of sense! (since this has become a compilation of links I’ve found interesting, adding another related one: about how our definition of ‘happy’ is lousy)

Summary of things that I’m gonna try:

– gratitude: every night, write down three good things that happened to me that day
– exercising signature strengths: do codewars at least once a week! also, not exactly a signature strength but I started an insta account for lettering, gonna practise writing a bit every day
– spend time with people you like: no specific goal but initiate conversations/ meetups more
– set ambitious goals and strive towards them: “Sitting on the couch watching TV does not make you happy. You are happier when you are busy and probably have more fun at work than at home. Thinking and working can beat sad feelings. A wandering mind is not a happy mind.” so true. Case in point: the exploreSUTD app!

Here’s to a happy meaningful, interesting and fulfilling 2017!

[thailand dec’16] markets & temples

Went to Ayutthaya, Bangkok and Chiangmai (ABC!) for my family’s end of year holiday!

Most of the trip can be summarised in 2 words: markets and temples LOL. Pretty much all my photos are of temples cos I didn’t want to carry the dslr around for the other stuff.

Highlights of the trip:

Food: had lots of mango sticky rice and thai milk tea! We ate at night markets/ roadside stalls quite a few times also, was v yummy and cheap 8) Most memorable was the first night in bangkok where we all went around to buy different stuff and ended up with too much food hahaha. The pork leg rice at chiang mai was goooddd too

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