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Wow who is stalking me lol?? (Just now it was 81 views with 2 visitors but I didn’t take screenshot)

Some random stuff from the past weeks:

What’s the difference between a door and a jar? (answer below)

wa2 wa1

Lemon tart!! Second time baking this, first time was at jc class bbq which seems super long ago haha. It was pretty good but I didn’t like the crust being so thick D:

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new year old me

^ literally cos I’m one year older and now legally an adult ha ha

Tbh my 21st was a little underwhelming… I know it’s just another year and celebrating birthdays is just a symbolic thing, what really matters is the friendships that are there throughout all the other ordinary days but somehow the 21st one is particularly hyped up. I remember marvin once said sth like “there are only a few occasions in your life that you can gather everyone you know together – your 21st, your wedding and your funeral” (ok I’m not sure if he said the funeral part or I just thought of it and added it on LOL). Slightly regretting not organising my own celebration but oh well a bit too late now.

Been kinda conflicted over some things recently/ some for a while already:

– I like to think of myself as a rational person but sometimes I feel a certain way about something which doesn’t really make sense. Can’t think of any examples at the moment but it’s frustrating when I know I’m being irrational but I can’t convince myself to stop thinking/feeling that way

– I enjoy being with friends and I want to get to know new people too but sometimes I don’t know what to say/do and if the conversation gets superficial (maybe that’s too strong a word, I mean like on-the-surface and not about anything significant) for too long I become uninterested and prefer silence… think this is something I have to learn to deal with cos it’s ‘social norms’ and anyway every conversation/ friendship has to start off somewhere.

– if determinism is true and we have no free will (which I currently believe), does that make life kinda meaningless since we’re just experiencing a chain of cause and effect? I guess this can be resolved by saying that it doesn’t matter whether we really have free will, it’s enough that we think we can control our actions and make choices. If anyone has any thoughts on this pls share with me hahaha

– social media related: dunno how to phrase this. I don’t want to be a slave to likes but at the same time I can’t help feeling some sense of satisfaction when eg. I get more likes than usual on a photo.

– tech is taking over the world but some of the ‘innovations’ are so…?!? Like drone that follows you around taking selfies o__o narcissistic much. On the other hand there’s also things like the artificial intelligence revolution which is really mindblowing and scary. Not sure if I’ve posted about it before but if you have a few minutes pls go read or skim through that article!!! cos “what’s happening in the world of AI is not just an important topic, but by far THE most important topic for our future”. I rly want to do something meaningful when I graduate but I don’t know exactly what counts as meaningful too. ok this is an example of not being rational cos meaningful is just a vague feeling lol

Hmm anyway looking forward, was reading this article on things that make you happier and it made a lot of sense! (since this has become a compilation of links I’ve found interesting, adding another related one: about how our definition of ‘happy’ is lousy)

Summary of things that I’m gonna try:

– gratitude: every night, write down three good things that happened to me that day
– exercising signature strengths: do codewars at least once a week! also, not exactly a signature strength but I started an insta account for lettering, gonna practise writing a bit every day
– spend time with people you like: no specific goal but initiate conversations/ meetups more
– set ambitious goals and strive towards them: “Sitting on the couch watching TV does not make you happy. You are happier when you are busy and probably have more fun at work than at home. Thinking and working can beat sad feelings. A wandering mind is not a happy mind.” so true. Case in point: the exploreSUTD app!

Here’s to a happy meaningful, interesting and fulfilling 2017!

I don’t wanna grow up

I’m a toys r us kid

Jk I’m not really a toys r us kid but that song always comes to mind when I think about growing up

Had a really uneventful day today just nuaing at home (and icecream with family!) which was great cos the past few days were filled with going out/ meeting friends. Ok that sounds antisocial LOL I mean it’s good to have a balance!!

I wanted to write about more things but bleh my thoughts seem v insignificant when written out (plus I wanna sleep hahaha). In summary: friendship is such a strange thing but thanks friends for being a part of my life and for making me who I am, growing up is a bit less scary because I know y’all are there for me!

potassium hydroxide

Yesterday was a retarded day at work LOL I reached at 2 and my boss hadn’t eaten lunch so I spent 1h accompanying him to eat lunch, then I tried to get his video camera to work but it refused to so I went to google the manual and stuff and figured it was probably cos the video cam is too old and only works with SD cards of max capacity 2GB (!!) Then he didn’t have anything for me to do alr so I sorted out some of his old photos then went home at 5.30 LOL

Having all the guys at tekong is rly annoying for communication omg….. I made a whatsapp group for benny’s bday with 9 guys at noon yesterday, and by the time I got home after work (7pm) there were zero replies, it was received by: 1 guy and read by: 1 guy lololol

But for such a last minute plan + super limited communication it turned out quite well!! I copied the name banner thing that the gymmers wrote on for my bday heh. Uhh I had a good plan (of putting the letters in a navy envelope that they sent me last time, then printing his name and address so it’ll look real and putting the envelope in his mailbox) which worked out well except the last part cos his letterbox was locked!! D: and nobody was at home so I just left it at his gate and messaged him mehh

I had wraps again for lunch today! With the leftover mee sua shredded chicken and mushroom haha I think as long as you add cheese and mayo to anything it’ll taste good x)

Ok going for work again, hope there are more things for me to do today HAHA

no longer bumming around

Wow crap I have so much to blog about but I just spent 1h choosing a new theme and making this header hahaha. Wanted to use this theme (cubic) at first, it’s so cool but I couldn’t figure out the featured images thing plus I don’t have enough posts with images :( why must customized themes be premium bleh

Anyway most recent news: I got a job!!! (hence the title) Today’s my second day as a photographer’s assistant heh it’s v interesting cos there’s different stuff to do every day plus I love that the uniform is t-shirt jeans sports shoes xD my boss does commercial photog like for products, advertising etc and his studio has a lot of equipment and other stuff that seem very random but are actually really useful in specific situations. So for yesterday and today it’s been morning do some photoshopping (I’m super lousy and slow at it now lolol but nvm I will improve), then lunch at the building’s canteen, then setup for photoshoot, assist during photoshoot, and pack up. I quite like my job so far! Though there are random periods where I have literally nothing to do LOL like today he was talking to some client and just told me to “wait ah” for like 20min.

Went for open house on wed with dawn, it was… not very exciting haha we just nua-ed at the gym mats most of the time and we stayed until 2pm to watch street perform BUT WE MISSED IT lolol. Then came to my house and baked cookies (from the premixes that I gave someone for her bday ahem) then I had to go out again for alps meetup, we had dinner then went LAN!! I was not bad for a first-timer ok I killed the guys in some games!

Oh I haven’t blogged about the batam trip (5-6 jan) – it was pretty interesting I guess? And so cheap!! I liked go-karting and food, didn’t particularly like shopping (which we spent a lot of time on) but I got a nice black skirt which I wore for interview x)

My birthday has been over for a while but just wanna thank everyone again for remembering/ wishing me/ coming over to celebrate! From picnic with sean and the fail surprise-turned-mahjong to yiqing’s cake to the gymmers’ successful surprise and retardedness, this birthday was a v memorable one (though none of them actually happened on my bday itself LOL it was an extremely normal sunday). Like my father said, “woah your friends really quite fond of you one eh” I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such great friends but really really grateful for all of you!! :’)

mathernoon mothernoon

Can’t wait for cny!!! My house is accumulating food now but most of it isn’t opened yet = cannot eat until cny D: I came home early today for the first time in a while thanks to short (but tutorial-packed) friday timetable, and decided to make chocolate cornflake clusters! It was superr sweet at first cos of the golden syrup, so I added cocoa powder to make it less sweet and more chocolatey and it kinda worked but it’s still pretty sweet. Anyway it made so much- I almost used up a whole box of cornflakes!!

Made apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning cos I woke up early and was surprisingly very awake! Sadly that awake-ness didn’t last haha by the end of the day I went back to being tired, didn’t help that h3 was quite useless lol I did chem during the lecture, then tutorial was very meh also so I ended up doing chem too hahaha. Our tutor is some china guy and he just went through all the tutorial qns on the board, but since we alr did them it was really slow. But good thing is I finished half of chem tutorial LOL for ionic equilibrium you really need to try doing some questions, then only you’ll get some idea of what’s going on. Had don’s pies for dinner with sean, it was yummy and surprisingly filling!

Not sure if/when you’ll see this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CECILIA!!! Sorry I suck I haven’t made your card yet D: beatrice and I shared a slice of cake but we didn’t plan how to surprise her so it ended up some weird thing after assembly hahaha

My classmates are surprisingly funny sometimes like cos today was mathernoon, like an “afternoon of math” thing organised by math soc which is supposed to be pronounced like math-ter-noon. But jansen and benny called it “mothernoon” which caught on very quickly so everyone just called it mothernoon the whole day hahahaha except poor jiun harn the math soc vice chair who kept trying to correct it to math-ter-noon xD


Sorry for the extremely uncreative title but yeah I’m finally posting about my birthday!

First one was on friday when I went sean’s house, he actually managed to wake up on time!!! Didn’t really have any plans so we painted our nails (HAHA) with my bday present nail polish and played cards and watched white chicks which ruhui was like “you MUST watch ok!!” but I didn’t find it thaat good or sick what but ok lah quite funny.

I was lazy to stay up for my birthday cos I thought nobody would wish me anyway but in the end I stayed up and did get wished: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARD!!!!! AM I THE FIRST” and “stay calm and stable and green” and benji being a retard hahahaha and the longest phone call I’ve had in a while!

Thought my birthday would just be some quiet uneventful day at home but nope I woke up and got a shock when sean came into my room hahaha. Had my “breakfast in bed” then went downstairs and got surprised by everyone!! I was v touched that they all woke up so early for me LOL and tiff was very accurate in inviting who to come haha x) hew and sean baked me a huge brownie cake which was v yummy :D (I’d post a group photo here but I generally don’t like posting photos with people publicly so nvm they’re already on fb anyway)

Then tiff and dawn organised a siyan and friends quiz which was abit awkward at first but ended up quite funny! Quite interesting to see how diff people know different things about my life better like yiqing who knows my chinese name (unlike someone ahem LOL) and questions about other people too eg. what is benny’s height hahaha. After that we played pin the nose on the sean and charades then had pizza for lunch! Then we went playground to play water balloons- spent ages filling them up but they were all gone in like 3min!? And george had v good aim LOLOL. Anyway it was v dumb cos they keep bouncing off people and just exploding on the grass D: after using up the water balloons we decided to just get wetter HAHA so we ended up using the garden hose to spray each other and everyone got completely soaked xD then the remaining people (me dawn cecilia yiqing george I think?) just sat at the playground and tried to dry off a bit before they had to leave

Then at night I had my popiah party hahaha more of just normal family dinner lah but with popiah plus chicken wings and sushi :D and had another chocolate cake!

Yeah so overall I think it was my best birthday ever hehe :) got lots of chocolate stuff as presents lolol but more important is all the cards, even the guys who wrote like five lines each but that’s alot by their standards alr hahaha. And sean’s ingenious banner/photobook/card thing and (c)sdcardproductions :’))

I got a super cool camera keychain too from beatrice :)) and during training on monday had another birthday “surprise” but I was really v surprised when sean suddenly appeared hahaha and with twister fries! Gym card was “the equasean” lololol and some things never change, like yiyin writing with green pen on green paper for me x)