food (fats) and family

It’s been a busy cny! From cny eve spring cleaning (my class was super efficient and hardcore hahaha) to kings outing (hatched & the daily scoop! got introduced to avocado icecream which is surprisingly not bad) then going home to help out (ie. filling up trays with food, plucking the silly pussy willow and decorating the house) for tuan yuan fan (my dad’s side came to our house for steamboat :D). Day 1 was visiting (grandparents’ house for lunch and yearly phototaking) then coming home for a nap before going to the temple (gene’s “kissing candles”) then mee sua dinner at my house with my grandmothers’ side (quite fun I talked to some of my uncles! but everyone asked me what/where I’m going to study bleh). Day 2 we visited my grandfather’s side (quite awkward, me simin and my dad just sat at the side as usual), went to another temple, came home and ate previous days’ leftovers for lunch, then went to the istana and river hongbao thing! And today we spent the whole day at USS :D ok wow what a long summary of the past few days haha time for photos now!

0202 pussy willow
furry thing from the pussy willow!
0202 horse yusheng
horse yusheng made by my father :D
0202 fu
cheena decorations for my house
0202 firecrackers
more cheena decorations
0202 nuts
one of my favourite cny foods- cashew nuts!!
all the ingredients for...
all the ingredients for…
0202 meesua
mee sua! :D
4 boxes of yusheng!!! we didn't have big enough plates so it had to be split into 3
four boxes of yusheng!!! we didn’t have big enough plates so it had to be split into 3 plates lol
idk why the carrots look like they're glowing
idk why the carrots look like they’re glowing

I haven’t decided what my favourite cny food is! Out of the 3 people I asked, 100% said pineapple tarts LOL I like pineapple tarts too but they aren’t like -the best-. Some of the things I’ve been eating the most are mandarins, pomelo, cashew nuts, keropok and famous amos (not really a cny food but we had a container of it!). I still haven’t eaten any kueh lapis this cny D:

I shall leave istana and hongbao river photos for the next post! Haven’t touched work at all lol unlike the rest of my class who don’t seem to celebrate cny…