no bake yumz [4 ingredient choc tart]

Made no bake oreo chocolate tarts with jolene on friday! I don’t make tarts much cos they usually need some type of cream (whipping/ heavy/ idk what else there is) which I have to specially go and buy, but these have only 4 super basic ingredients and are amazingly easy to make!!

1228 tart bw
pac man!!!
1228 tart
haagen dazs salted caramel at the back 8) (though even I think it’s overly sweet)

Recipe by jolene:

No Bake Chocolate Tart
makes 2-3 small tarts or 1 normal-sized tart

Tart crust:
1 roll oreo cookies (137g) or about 150g digestive biscuits (I like the digestives version more)
50g butter
Melt butter and crush cookies into crumbs. Mix together, mould into tart pan then freeze.
200g dark choc chips
50ml milk
50g butter
Warm milk and butter, pour over choc chips and set for 5 min, then stir till homogenous. Pour into tart crust and freeze.

When you have a chocolate craving, go make this!! No need for expensive tarts at cafes that aren’t even that great (ahem ewf)


chocolate chip cookies & ice cream

Made chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream yesterday! And since I was gonna make cookie dough, might as well make more and bake cookies too right. So now I have ice cream and cookies yay!!





Woohoo this ice cream was better than my first try in terms of texture but I think the taste is a bit weird! And my sister couldn’t tell that it was my homemade one hehe means it must be not too bad x)

I think chocolate chip cookies are the easiest thing to bake ever, no matter what recipe I use they all end up quite nice!


peanut butter snickers brownies


The title says it all, snickers + peanut butter + brownies = a very yummy brownie!! I was considering buying m&ms to add inside because it’s all unhealthy junk anyway so the more the merrier right, but each pack had so little I decided it was not worth it. Maybe some day I’ll try baking brownies with a lot of random stuff inside :D Baked this for tiff in exchange for her helping me do sth x)

Ok anyway!

chopped up snickers bars
added into the batter!

The recipe says to drop dollops of peanut butter on top of the batter and swirl it around with a knife so this is what I ended up with:

the result of my anyhow swirling

Ahh I should work at some bakery place to improve my skills xD or an ice cream shop! Oh I realised that a lot of shops are hiring so hopefully finding a job shouldn’t be too hard…

Yay gonna bring to training tmr! Speaking of training, I went hpps by myself again yesterday cos someone was looking for a job D: it was quite okay lah I was late so I just did conditioning until most people finished then went to jump with them xD spent the whole time doing backlay and I think it’s better now, or at least I can feel what I’m doing! Talked a bit to the juniors (who were amused by the flapping thing hahaha) and they’re mostly not bad alr! I hope more sec 3s can compete next year though.. juniors need to stop being so lazy argh when I go I jump more than everyone elsleh. And I forgot to bring textbooks for them again T___T

I haven’t taken photos of the baked brownie yet but gonna post this first and add photos tmr!

this tiffany wanted them all to herself and wasn't going to share T__T who's the pig huh!!
can see the snickers and peanut butter 8D

I love nutella!

nutella brownie cups

I wanted to bake for class party but was lazy to go out to buy ingredients so I decided to try these nutella brownie cups! They’re easy and have a grand total of 4 ingredients, all of which I already had at home yay. Best thing about baking: if you can make use of stuff at home, you can have good food for free 8D

Anyway I love looking at recipes with step by step pictures so I took photos while making haha even though it’s actually really easy!

flour + scooping nutella into the mixing bowl
I don’t think this picture shows it very well but I used up almost all the nutella D: I was thinking “this better be worth it” hahaha and yeah I guess it was!
4 ingredients- flour, nutella, eggs, salt. Look at the nutella!!!
Mixing the ingredients (my house has an awesome mixer so I never have to mix stuff by hand heh)
Batter dripping down from the mixing thingy!

I forgot to take photos of the cups before baking cos spooning thick, gooey batter into small cups is very annoying and messy

Close up of the cracked top! And I found chocolate chips left over from last time so ok that’s 5 ingredients

It’s extremely nutella-y so actually can just eat nutella instead of having to bake it.