[europe grad trip] Munich & day trips

Suddenly having motivation to complete my grad trip posts because I’m starting to plan for my next trips this year heheh. So from Prague, we took a 5h morning bus to Munich, which was the longest city we stayed at (4 nights). But we rented a car and went for a couple of day/half-day trips!

Bad photo but really nice place! We stayed at Wombats City Hostel in a 6-person room, it was very spacious and had good kitchen facilities/shared areas too.

We spent the first afternoon in town, exploring Munich Residenz and Marienplatz. Residenz is an old palace, now turned into a museum, and it’s hugeee. I think we went because it was on a “top things to see in Munich” list but honestly it’s so big and grand that after walking through the first few huge halls and super-grandiosely-decorated rooms, everything looked the same to me. But it was a cool tour of how royal people live, although I can’t imagine having to walk through so many corridors just to get to dinner or to get out of the house.

The glockenspiel at Marienplatz! We paid to go up the tower for a bit, which was nice for escaping the crowd.

Of course, we had to experience a German beer house. The HofbrÀuhaus sells beer in 1 litre mugs!!! Nick took on the challenge and finished a whole mug by himself, the rest of us shared hahaha. The atmosphere was cool, with everyone enjoying themselves drinking beer and women in traditional costumes going around selling pretzels and a live band too. It may be touristy but still a great experience!

Picked up our cars the next morning and started on our journey to the real life place that inspired Disneyland’s sleeping beauty castle: Neuschwanstein castle! It’s so popular that when we reached at 2pm, the earliest tickets we could get for the castle tour was like 5+pm :x but all was good cos we took the time in between to have lunch and chill by the lake…

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