birthdays and cakes

Two of my friends turned 17 over the past few days and I volunteered to bake their birthday cakes!

I only had one afternoon for bella’s cake so I wanted to make something easy and safe = a brownie cake! ie. a brownie baked in a round cake tin. I was going to make frosting but I kind of forgot and made a spiral “decoration” with the peanut butter instead, so I decided to abandon the frosting x) oh and I used the peanut butter snickers recipe again! Made 1.5x the recipe so it wouldn’t be too thin in the round tin.

peanut butter spiral which was annoying to make
after baking :D

And of course yesterday was cecilia’s bday! I’m very proud of my card + cake so gonna spam pictures of them hehe

reference for drawing her name (the font is called sketch block)
after cutting
popping the letters out part 1
ta da!! phew i managed to pop up the letters and glue the rest without killing anything

And now for the cake! Tiff came to my house and we bought Turkey lemons hahahaha. Anyway we made an ombre lemon pound cake with lemon cream cheese frosting (click for the respective recipes/ omg what a long name). For the four layer cake we had to make double the cake recipe, and we were scared that one batch of frosting wouldn’t be enough but it was just nice!

batter for the middle two layers

Making ombre (colour gradient) layers is quite fun! We left the top layer just natural yellow, then added increasing amounts of red food colouring to the other layers x)

the layers weren’t the exact same size D:
the red gel ran out halfway through Cecilia so we smudged it up and wrote in white on top xD
first look at the inside of the cake!
yay pretty layers :DD
woohoo pretty layers :D

Yay success!! The layers slid a little but we stuck toothpicks in and solved the problem. And the cake layers by themselves were quite tasteless/ tasted a bit weird but the frosting was yummy and covered up for the lack of taste of the cake xD

And now I’m in charge of baking my grandfather’s birthday cake too hahaha