burden knee is burden

The past week has been very eventful lol. I re-injured my knee from doing nothing T__T Immediately after that I tried to walk a bit but it was superr bad, my vision went white from the pain (at that time I didn’t know it was because of the pain so I was quite freaked out). Thanks benny and the rest of the guys for helping me get back home!! Anyway it’s a meniscus tear and I can’t straighten + put weight on my left leg now so I’ve been moving around with crutches the past few days. Going to see ortho doctor tmr though it’s getting better by itself too!

I just came back from a ideasinc startathon, it’s 2-day hackathon and we stayed there overnight to work on our prototype and pitch. It’s a damn good deal hahaha $10 for tshirt, access to tools and 4 very good meals (there was smoked salmon for dinner!!! but sadly no icecream like last time). Being baika was annoying cos everyone had to keep holding things for me D: but overall it was fun and I’m honestly quite proud of our prototype! Lazy to type out more details here but I think I’ll write a post on my new personal website soon.

Had a bunch of good conversations recently too, from skyping and talking nonsense with sean benny fan stanley benji to some HTHTs :’) Met tiff and dawn for supper at eusoff too! I bought wooden phone covers from taobao and laser engraved them, imo they turned out rly well yay!!


In other news, it’s been a month! Thanks joe for taking care of me esp with my burden injuries heh :))


[ALP week 7-8] yellow mountain red village

So last week I took a 3.5h bus from hangzhou to go climb the famous 黄山!! I posted some photos on fb already (go see if you haven’t!) and they summarise most of the trip but just gonna write a bit here too.

I was the one mostly planning the trip for my class so I researched a lot before we went, but even after all that huangshan was still kinda different from what I’d expected. But anyway I think we were super lucky + made some good decisions that led to a pretty good trip, all things considered:

– there were 13 of us altogether but because some people had class on wed (the day I wanted to go) and some people didn’t want to spend so much money, we split into 3 separate groups and walked around on the mountain separately too. I’m so glad we agreed to just split up, making decisions with a group of 6 people was hard enough lol can’t imagine trying to move around with soo many people. And we unintentionally met each other on the 西海大峡谷 the second day, took some photos, walked together for a bit then separated again cos we were going to diff places and walking at diff speeds hahaha

– cablecar-ing up the east side, staying at 白鹅山庄, then walking down the west side. When going down, we walked down stairs for like 1h before we reached the top cable car station i.e. if we’d taken cable car up the west side, we would’ve had to climb up stairs for probably 2h while carrying all our things before reaching the hotel. siaoo

– had reasonably good weather up on the mountain! On the first day when we first got up the mountain it was rly foggy

_DSC0994 edited.jpg
cable car-ing in the fog

but luckily after we put our things down at the hotel and went out again, it got a bit better

_DSC0012 edited.jpg
after some dehazing in lightroom (there’s really a setting called Dehaze LOL it works v well)

then we got to see a pretty sunset just outside our hotel, and at night the sky was totally clear so there were a lot of stars!!! :D

_DSC0088 edited.jpg
me with the stars! the cloudy patch above my right hand is the milky way

My one regret is not staying up later that night to take star trails lol. Cos I thought should just go back and sleep earlier to wake up early for the next day’s sunrise, then the next night can stay up to take star trails

_DSC0323 edited
but NOPE. the second night to third day morning was all foggy and rainy

Luckily we got to see one nice sunrise on the second day! We woke up super early and were one of the first people to reach the viewpoint so we camped at the good spots in front hehe.

_DSC0149 edited.jpg
Sunrise at 光明顶! But sad that got no railing to put camera on, otherwise can take timelapse

Overall I wasn’t thaaat impressed by the views cos… it was foggy most of the time, but even when it’s clear everywhere kinda looks the same after a while….? hahahaha. I think I’ve been spoilt by the mountains in australia from ALPs (lol interestingly my 2 major sch trips so far have the same acronym, Adventure Leadership Programme/ Asian Leadership Programme – ok only the first word is different and they both happen to start with A HAHA). But yeah at huangshan marvin said “china mountains very different from angmoh mountains hor” and ya seems like it’s true.

After climbing down huangshan some of us stayed at 宏村 for one extra night, I figured since we’re there already might as well just stay one more day and chill/ explore abit (and accommodation is cheap once you’re off the mountain). It’s quite a nice village! Not that much to see other than the lakes and red lanterns haha but we just went to a cafe and ate waffles and gelato whooo / yilei wrote and sent her postcard.

The last day was very random lol we tried to walk to 塔川 (another nearby village) but got intercepted along the road by a woman who said that 塔川 is only pretty in autumn so there’s no point going there now, and she convinced us to take her car to go to the bamboo forest. After huangshan we thought we’d had enough of stairs for a while but guess what?? the bamboo forest turned out to be more like a bamboo mountain with never-ending STAIRS again. We died.

Then we went back to hongcun for lunch and met jiacheng and eliz (and smuggled them in using our tickets >D), then took the woman’s car again (long story but basically she kept pestering us and it was raining etc so we were just like aiya okok). And we got a lesson in how china works through back doors hahaha. The bus tickets back to hangzhou are supposed to cost 90yuan if you buy at the bus station, but the woman had a friend there who let us take it for 70yuan by getting straight on the bus without going through the station, and paying her directly. She literally drove in to the bus parking place (which had a “no entry except buses” sign right there) where we got quickly shooed up the bus and she immediately asked us for payment. And all this happened in like 10min, from the time the woman contacted her friend to the bus leaving the station to go to hangzhou. We were all like wow wtf is going on. But yeah we got back safely and all is well LOL

Gonna compile my huangshan video soon!! Look out for it on fb hehe

This week has been boring and uneventful in comparison haha I’ve been working on the app for our project and it’s coming along well!

Down to the last 4 weeks here already :'(

I don’t wanna grow up

I’m a toys r us kid

Jk I’m not really a toys r us kid but that song always comes to mind when I think about growing up

Had a really uneventful day today just nuaing at home (and icecream with family!) which was great cos the past few days were filled with going out/ meeting friends. Ok that sounds antisocial LOL I mean it’s good to have a balance!!

I wanted to write about more things but bleh my thoughts seem v insignificant when written out (plus I wanna sleep hahaha). In summary: friendship is such a strange thing but thanks friends for being a part of my life and for making me who I am, growing up is a bit less scary because I know y’all are there for me!

old vs new?

Making decisions is so hardd especially when it’s choosing between old and new :| like go out and meet jc friends or hang out with uni friends. or go back and visit rjgym or go for frisbee outing at sentosa (this was my dilemma for fri evening but luckily(?) we found out there’s no gym training so yay I don’t have to make a decision haha)

I re-read this article recently and the actual 10 types of friendships part is quite random but the start and end are so relevant! “As time goes on, you start to realize that the 20-year frenzy of not-especially-thought-through haphazard friend-making you just did was the critical process of you making most of your lifelong friends.” LOL

Meeting the gymmers and the bball guys is always fun and I want to know what’s going on in their lives, but I want to make new friends/ deepen my friendships with sutd people too. But being with people/ talking to people gets tiring after a while (#introvert haha) and I know alone time is important too but usually I prioritize meeting people cos it’s getting harder to find times where everyone is free to meet D: aiya basically the problem is I know that eventually almost everyone will have their own lives and drift apart but idw that to happen :/ but whatsapping multiple people at the same time takes so much effort argh.

On a happier note, had some good times with both old and new friends recently!!!

– kings skype!! it was so troublesome to arrange (tsk cecilia taking naps and forever being unresponsive on wa) but yayy I’m glad it worked out in the end. and I’m v amused that we have a kings newsletter now :’)

– tiff’s bday/ nuaing at yale-nus with fatty club hahaha. I think we’ve given up on bday surprises (or more like tiff is always the mastermind behind them so for her own bday there was kinda no surprise HAHA) but it was nice spending time with them! plus getting free food and playing taboo (which is v stressful) and pictionary (where the dice hated me and nicole LOL) and decorating jasmine’s room

– late nights with meatballz (my group for design module) – ok not too bad already, other groups really had to stay up for consecutive nights the week before submission haha. but yeah last week we spent almost every day together working on our video, our topic only got confirmed by the prof on monday and we finished our video on thurs night heh i’m glad we were quite efficient! we were so proud of our video that we went to play it on the projectors in class HAHA. and on wed we went cycling and explored coney island/punggol!

– bball ppl came to my house and got addicted to mario kart/ tanks LOL

– I went down to the (photog) studio today to meet my ex-boss cos i’m gonna help him update his website! he shared with me some of the things he’s been doing and i told him about my life in uni hahaha. anyway i’ve probably mentioned this before but i think being the only person in your company is rly interesting, you have the freedom to/are forced to (depending on how you look at it) manage every aspect of the business. like he’s gonna move to a new location so he’s designing the new studio! and he says a lot of his competitors are increasing the scope of their services so he’s thinking of expanding to include more areas also. anyway i asked him whether he has a new assistant and he said “yes. not as good as you ha ha” hehe :’)!!

“Your rock friendships don’t warrant 2x the time you give to your other friends—they warrant 5 or 10x. And keep in mind that seeing one of them for an hour-long meal isn’t really enough—your rocks deserve serious, dedicated time so you can stay close. So go make plans with them.”

time flies / one term down

Haven’t had time to post in a while cos my weekdays were filled with school stuff and weekends mostly spent going out and meeting friends haha. But now that almost everyone else has started school already it’s gotten harder to meet up, plus I have a 4-week holiday now so I’m very free!

Uhh wow so much has happened since my last post. Overall I really like uni life! And I’m probably biased but I’m glad I 1. decided to stay in singapore and 2. chose sutd over nus :D I overheard some other uni students’ conversation on the bus, one of them was saying that staying in hostel is easier cos other than saving travelling time, you also don’t have to be bound to things like going home for dinner (not that going home for dinner is a bad thing but like, you have to decide in advance whether you’re eating at home or not. As opposed to if you’re staying by yourself in hostel, where you can make spontaneous plans to go out or sth). So yeah I like that I get to experience the freedom of living “independently”, but also still get to come home/ meet friends on weekends.

I realised that a huge factor that affects whether you enjoy school is the people around you… I think I’m v lucky to have found a few quite close friends who do random things like go play pool the week before finals x) also my class is v chill and non-cliquey (for the first time ever hahaha ok maybe except pri sch I can’t remember) so everyone just talks to each other which is nice! It’s v interesting cos this is coming after 2 years with 14S06Q lol which was super different. Not that it was bad but I guess my jc class had a few people with very strong/distinct personalities and so was very… unique? Sometimes in math tutorials I can imagine jh going “what is this trivial nonsense?!” or when people are doing things inefficiently I think “if ky was here she’d confirm intervene and tell them how to do it better” LOL.

Hmm in general I think I’m super lucky to actually have quite a lot of good friends?? Considering that I don’t talk a lot and I’m not the v fun/outgoing kind of person haha. Though I think I’ve become a bit more outgoing this year, like more willing to talk in big whatsapp groups LOL/ initiate conversations with people/ initiate meetups! And being more on about people’s birthdays in uni cos there isn’t a tiff to do all the planning anymore hahaha. Anyway it’s interesting to see everyone becoming more of their own “person” in a way? Like previously we just more or less followed along with the system – go to the best school you can get in to, join some cca cos you have to etc. But now everyone has to make important decisions which reflect their personalities in sometimes unexpected ways. Sorry if that was very vague LOL like there’s one guy who’s quite crazy/random/spontaneous (I guess?) but he sees the established-ness of a uni as something that’s very important, while another guy is kinda more stable/responsible/sane but he chose the less established uni cos he thinks it’s more fun/ the more established way of doing things is boring. K the main point of this is that it’s been interesting to see what decisions people make, and also their reasons for those decisions, cos they tell you a lot about them.

Hmm I can’t remember what else I wanted to write about haha will end of with my list of things to do for this holiday:
– visit people in school/ crash lectures (visited jolene & dawn’s hall, went for jolene’s biz lecture which was boring cos alr learnt in jc and tiff’s contract law lecture which was unexpectedly interesting! also tried to crash yiyin’s pharm lecture but I woke up late T__T but was nice exploring yale-nus/utown and talking and playing silent taiti in the study room HAHA. to visit: ntu halls, maybe nus med? maybe pharm again too but I don’t particularly wanna learn about proteins hahaha sorry yiyin)
– learn hand lettering (try to practise every day)
– make stuff for people who are going away
– explore singapore (going sungei buloh with cecilia next week!)
– read books (have a little faith & library book that I borrowed)
– help out with uncle darryl’s campaign!
– go for (some) frisbee trainings
– runn to prepare for bromo 10k (at least 1 long run + 1 hilly run every week)
– buy more clothes (esp shorts so that I don’t have to always rewear LOL)
– decorate my room a bit? (if I have time while in school)

no longer bumming around

Wow crap I have so much to blog about but I just spent 1h choosing a new theme and making this header hahaha. Wanted to use this theme (cubic) at first, it’s so cool but I couldn’t figure out the featured images thing plus I don’t have enough posts with images :( why must customized themes be premium bleh

Anyway most recent news: I got a job!!! (hence the title) Today’s my second day as a photographer’s assistant heh it’s v interesting cos there’s different stuff to do every day plus I love that the uniform is t-shirt jeans sports shoes xD my boss does commercial photog like for products, advertising etc and his studio has a lot of equipment and other stuff that seem very random but are actually really useful in specific situations. So for yesterday and today it’s been morning do some photoshopping (I’m super lousy and slow at it now lolol but nvm I will improve), then lunch at the building’s canteen, then setup for photoshoot, assist during photoshoot, and pack up. I quite like my job so far! Though there are random periods where I have literally nothing to do LOL like today he was talking to some client and just told me to “wait ah” for like 20min.

Went for open house on wed with dawn, it was… not very exciting haha we just nua-ed at the gym mats most of the time and we stayed until 2pm to watch street perform BUT WE MISSED IT lolol. Then came to my house and baked cookies (from the premixes that I gave someone for her bday ahem) then I had to go out again for alps meetup, we had dinner then went LAN!! I was not bad for a first-timer ok I killed the guys in some games!

Oh I haven’t blogged about the batam trip (5-6 jan) – it was pretty interesting I guess? And so cheap!! I liked go-karting and food, didn’t particularly like shopping (which we spent a lot of time on) but I got a nice black skirt which I wore for interview x)

My birthday has been over for a while but just wanna thank everyone again for remembering/ wishing me/ coming over to celebrate! From picnic with sean and the fail surprise-turned-mahjong to yiqing’s cake to the gymmers’ successful surprise and retardedness, this birthday was a v memorable one (though none of them actually happened on my bday itself LOL it was an extremely normal sunday). Like my father said, “woah your friends really quite fond of you one eh” I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such great friends but really really grateful for all of you!! :’)


Got this email during lunch today and omggg I am still in shock

tumblr radar email tumblrradar!!!

It has 4000 notes now askjghasdkfjaha and our number of followers increased by 600% within a few hours hahaha this is seriously too cool!!!!! The photo is here if anyone wants to check it out :D

This has been a very good week for me so far heh 1. the tumblr thing obviously :D 2. training yesterday was good! I did a pretty good routine and everyone can connect consistently already (even cheok who is still low and scary but gets higher than jazlee now) so proud of all of us :)) 3. I got back my repaired phone!!! And it cost $20 less than the quote though it’s still quite a lot but nevermindd 4. benny’s birthday yesterday, sean and I baked a tiramisu cake and made cool cards and gave him a bottle of beer hahaha (I bought it from the supermarket and they didn’t even ask for my ic lol!) 5. had a random funny time with tiff today, she sat with me in the darkroom cos I was cutting photos to frame, then we went chan-stalking LOL 6. just had dinner with benji and george haha love our funny conversations!

sean's cards
sean’s emoji cards




also tramp comps is in one month :OO really need to improve on consistency and hope my ankle is ok argh