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Wow who is stalking me lol?? (Just now it was 81 views with 2 visitors but I didn’t take screenshot)

Some random stuff from the past weeks:

What’s the difference between a door and a jar? (answer below)

wa2 wa1

Lemon tart!! Second time baking this, first time was at jc class bbq which seems super long ago haha. It was pretty good but I didn’t like the crust being so thick D:

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First time blogging in over a month wow (the new new post page looks nice!) but surprisingly I’ve still had pretty decent pageviews :O

Btw if you’re reading this, click here to go watch jiamin and cecilia’s film!! It’s really v good and cecilia composed all the music, cool or what :D

Today was an unexpectedly fun day! Also a reminder that although most people think of my class as nerds/ muggers/ generally weird people, we know how to have fun too and our “weirdness” bonds us in a way. Like being united in non-understanding of GP LOL today we went through a compre which had a seriously illogical answer key.

Econs is always funny cos we make mr teo discuss random stuff but today especially so, cos one part of the qn was about policies to help with shrinking labour force and one way is to increase birth rate. Shijian suggested “import ah tiongs” and everyone was like ??? and quiet for 3 seconds, then benny suddenly burst out laughing SUPER loudly and uncontrollably then we all just started laughing at benny’s laughing (I don’t think I’m describing it very well but at that moment it was seriously super funny). After that we learnt that ah tiong = ppl from china ie. shijian himself LOLOL. Then sean suggested “encourage polygamy” and everyone starting going “ope” hahahaha even mr teo was like “careful ah don’t say that to your girlfriend”…. HAHAHA

After that we had PE which was pretty fun considering it’s softball. It’s quite chaotic when we play cos all the fielders fail at throwing and catching the ball so it flies v far away and everyone manages to run a lot. And george omg cos we played with the teacher pitching, but if you strike twice then must hit from the pole, and on george’s turn he killed the pole HAHA it’s like made of 2 tubes, one stuck into the other, then he hit too low and somehow managed to dislodge the top tube and make it fly LOL. I only batted once but I hit a flying ball yay :D also I crashed into jiun harn and made him fall (we were both running to the home base) oops :/

After PE some of us decided to continue playing stuff cos sean had a soccer ball, yucai and ka ying picked their teams and I was the first to be picked heh *honoured* but err we played soccer and I was v useless hahaha only touched the ball like twice D: then we switched to captain’s ball frisbee-style which was a lot more fun imo! This is the most exercise I’ve had in a while man and playing games is soo much better than running

We sat in canteen and talked nonsense for a while and came to the conclusion that being a lawyer is like being a prostitute cos you get paid to screw people. But a lawyer is paid by one guy to screw a different guy so shijian: “so a lawyer is a rapist for hire” then jansen: “and he only uses his mouth!” dead lololol

Oh on sunday I stayed over at cecilia’s house with dawn and beatrice to watch world cup finals! Cecilia and dawn support germany and beatrice supports argentina (mostly messi) so it was quite funny but also a lot more interesting than watching at home cos of stuff like “lizard guy!!!” (√∂zil) LOL idk about lizard but he reallllly looks like mr de souza. And I won $2 from betting goal diff 1! Though I don’t really support any team haha it’s weird but like… I have no reason to support any particular team??

(why is there no more word count I liked knowing how long I write!)


I’ve been delaying this post cos there’s so much to say about tramp comps but I don’t know how to express it…

The whole thing felt really unreal- before our turn we were just slacking around everywhere and I think overall it felt less tense than previous years (probably cos of the guys), we were still taking our time to warm up/ take photos outside and then suddenly it was our turn, our practice round went pretty well and after that it was the actual thing already!! I was a bit worried cos I semi-sprained my ankle from shi chang di but luckilyy it was okay! I didn’t try to jump very high lah but ya I think it was one of the nicest routines I’ve ever done :D

I got 33.9 which I didn’t think was that great cos kern choong’s benchmark for good routines is 8 hahaha but yala almostt 34. But everyone else didn’t do as well as they could have :(( saddest thing about tramp comps is how everything comes down to that one routine, if for whatever reason you didn’t manage to perform your best then there’s no second chance. Especially with dive which is so unpredictable :S and sigh amanda and yiyin’s routines were v nice all the way till dive so superr wasted bleurgh. Tiff and nicole completed but they’re definitely capable of doing nicer routines so DD: after we went up everyone was emoing and uhh aiya nothing I said/did would help anyway so I went over to dawn + the rhy gymmers where the mood was considerably happier. I think yishan was asking about the rest of the trampers then dawn summarized our batch’s comps: “aiya it’s like that every comps, everyone will be crying and emoing except siyan who’s just like ‘heh heh'” LOL.

Alternated between watching our guys and hwa chong girls, the guys didn’t do as well as they could have either especially reudi who got 4th :(( but as the girls one progressed I was amused cos like my chances of getting indiv increased with each person who got lower than me hahaha. And ya I actually got indiv silver LOL in benny’s words, “guess miracles really can happen” though I was happier about my doing a good routine than getting indiv, honestly I only got it because enough other people screwed up lah so it isn’t a particularly desirable miracle… I was telling benny then he was like “aiya just be content, your records wont say “2nd (cos everyone else screwed up)”” lolol but like if you win you wanna win knowing that everyone did their best and your best was better than the rests’ (rhymes!), not because you did relatively okay and the rest screwed up. But yeah I also know that if everyone else had done their best routines I wouldn’t stand a chance haha sigh it sucks when your happiness is in the midst of other people’s sadness and urgh idk how to explain this…

I’m still v proud of my silver though :DD oh on that day itself I was in school early and met benji, who told me “if you don’t win anything don’t come back ah”, then I said “you don’t get A for chem don’t talk to me ah” and I actually won something so HA if he doesn’t get A for chem….. LOL

And I had 2 outside supporters too x) my dad who came, watched me jump then quietly disappeared and sean whose surprise was spoiled by benny and who got lost otw to bishan sports hall then sat so high up I couldn’t find him then stood outside doing his vectors hahahaha. But ya thankss for coming :’)

After prize presentation was the yearly school song and unite with both rj and rg, then a crazy long time spent taking photos haha and after that we went for team dinner at swensens!! I only paid $10 for a main plus shared icecream hehe super worth it :D and we had strange conversations like amanda asking about people’s best friends- “huh how can you and siyan be bffs?!?!? siyan is so nice!!!” HAHAHAHAHA

time of our lives



Now that we have nothing other than pw (as ms kaur keeps telling us), I’ve been slacking around and enjoying life hahaha baking and going out to eat quite a lot!

impromptu wafflelicious with dawn!

On tuesday we ate at j8 rooftop with the class for once and welll my class has a strange sense of humour. Sometimes quite funny but sometimes uhh idk very random and weird. And oh ya during pw meeting zhang and I discovered the existence of a fb chat which had everyone in the class minus 7 of us and 1 random person!! We have no right to complain I guess but it’s quite weird lol anw we shamelessly added ourselves but it’s just some spam of stickers (?) and nonsense as usual…

After lunch I watched escape plan with sean! The plot abit random but the action and thinking is pretty cool :D then pigged out at jco haha

Had to go back to school this morning for op dry run, then went kfc and shared a family feast hehe x) we (minus benny) decided to stay in school for MMM so we crashed LT5 and practised op for a while, then watched eragon on ruhui’s comp until dinnertime. MMM was goood haha not as yummy as monday’s beef stew but there was a lot of food! Introduced them to the charades app and it was epic omg “thumb wen” and benji trying to act flirty then guessed become sissy and “sodium + ____ coefficient of income inequality” and “dawn” the best HAHAHAHA

tuan yuan fan

My first lo hei of the year!

Had tuan yuan fan with my mother’s side yesterday! I don’t think reunion dinners are generally described as fun but mine was quite fun :D

We started off with yusheng but nobody knew the order of putting in ingredients/ what to say for each one so in the end I googled it and read off from my phone xD my family lo hei is very high and messy and loud hahaha. Then yeah we ate it, then had steamboat! I was very hungry cos we started quite late, plus steamboat you just keep putting stuff in and taking out and eating, so I ate a lot. And the dinner table conversation was very entertaining!

My sister: … my friends always take unglam photos of me and post on facebook
My auntie: you mean there are glam photos of you??

I was just kidding ah don’t cry!

Gene (my 9 year old cousin)’s mum: gene, how come your bowl is always full of food and never goes down one??
Gene: I don’t know
Gene’s mum: wow it’s a magical self-refilling bowl!
Someone: what if we put $100 notes in your bowl? Then will it keep making more $100 notes?

a while later…
Gene: I solved the mystery! It’s my mummy who keeps putting things in!
Gene’s mum: you mean it took you so long to realise that???

And my auntie gave me a dress @__@ it’s quite nice actually but I seriously have no occasion/ don’t really want to wear dresses! She made me try it on and show everyone
My auntie: you should wear it for Chinese new year!
My mother (who knows me very well): aiya she won’t wear one lah!
My mother (who apparently doesn’t know me that well after all): even if everyone gives her $100 she still won’t wear one
My father: what?! If everyone gave me $100 even I would wear it

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but ya if I refuse that would just be stupid!!

And my auntie who is a pig like me always brings ice cream so we had udders! Snickers mars honeycomb vanilla, which I didn’t have a particularly good impression of last time but after yesterday I decided it’s not bad, and kit kat hehe my favourite 8D

And I made grape jelly with berries!