[mulu 2019] caves, camping and pinnacles

During the March holidays, my family went on a 5-day trip to visit Mulu National Park in Sarawak. Before the trip I’d only heard of Mulu from my uncle’s family, who had gone there previously and enjoyed seeing the caves and bats (what Mulu is famous for). But, my parents decided to up the challenge by adding in a trek up to see the Pinnacles, which is this surreal-looking limestone formation:

Image result for mulu pinnacles
from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-rxMLx_Qls

For the trek, we would have to stay at a base camp for 2 nights and bring+cook our own food, so before the trip we had to plan out and buy all our food supplies for the days at the camp! We also read that the trek is pretty intense so the sis and I got dragged to bukit timah hill/ macritchie for training on a few weekends before the trip…

Day 1: arrival & bat exodus

Mulu is actually not very far away from Singapore if you look on a map, but there’s no direct flight so we had to take a flight to the city of Miri before changing to a smaller propeller plane to go to Mulu. The flights took a total of less than 3h and before we knew it, we’d reached the tiny airport in Mulu!

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