Weee school is over and I’m now in my first week of internship! Would’ve like to write this earlier when I had more feels but last week was just studying for and taking exams, then a v tiring long weekend then straight away started work yesterday.

Kinda lazy to write about other things that happened before the term ended. Actually there’s nothing much to say anyway, the last 2 weeks have been v free. It’s funny how other ppl are like “oh I can’t go out cos I got exams coming up in 2 weeks” but for us it’s like “ya sure I’m v free cos I have exams next week”. Oh ya ok part of why I was so free is cos week 13 was the final presentation and submission for ESC game, the presentations were spread out across the week but my group’s was on monday so after that we were pretty much done with it. Also this was quite a sucky project experience cos one of my groupmates was mia 90% of the time, and the rest weren’t very enthusiastic about it also so we just kinda did the minimum to meet the requirements. The app works decently but I don’t really feel proud of it cos we put so little effort :/ also feels kinda cheaty cos we just made our game multiplayer on 1 phone and didn’t have to do any networking (which is what most groups lost a lot of sleep over). Blehh

Moved out of hostel on sat!


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Felt like posting something to remember today (technically yesterday) as a good day cos I got an internship offer!!!

It was super fast, I applied last tues and this monday they emailed asking if I’m free on tues or wed. Luckily didn’t need to wear formal cos I don’t have my formal clothes with me hahaha, I just wore the nicest clothes I had in hostel. So yup I went there today and had a v chill “interview” in the meeting room where we sat on beanbags xD

Questions asked, for my record:
– introduce yourself
– how did you find out about us & why do you want to intern here
– how/when did you start programming -> I talked about learning html/css through neopets hehheh
– different skill areas (databases & system administration were stuff that I said I didn’t know much about, programming languages, front-end, mobile)
– when working in a group do you usually do more backend or frontend (I said got both, I like trying diff stuff)
– I talked about exploreSUTD (the app I’m making for sutd) and showed them the app!

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