first foray into film [part 1]

I’ve always thought that all those old analog cameras look really cool. Like:


A month or two ago, I randomly did some research and found out that film photography was actually still alive! So I decided to ask my grandfather about his old cameras and told him I was interested in trying film photography. He dug out a bunch of equipment from his dry box and ended up giving me his no-longer-used Canon A-1 and manual focusing 50mm f1.8 lens! I was amazed that he still had the camera’s battery (which, even more amazingly, still works) and user manual.

(Some background on the A-1: it was a very advanced SLR when it was first produced 40 years ago, eg. it’s the first SLR to have full program mode. And it’s better than the AE-1 pictured above but I guess more people like the AE-1 nowadays cos it looks more vintage.)

I went to Triple D, one of the last few film photography shops in sg, and bought two rolls of 35mm film – since I’m just trying out film photography for a bit and not sure how good my shots will turn out anyway, I chose the cheapest films. The first film that I loaded my dad helped me load into my camera is the $7 Kodak 200 Gold. It’s not expensive, but knowing that each shot costs money made me shoot very conservatively hahaha.

Ok enough backstory, here’s how my first roll of film turned out! (all photos were not edited after scanning)

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[taiwan 2013] day 7-8: scenic sun moon lake

Today was a short day so I’m posting again! Yesterday (day 7) was mostly travelling to sun moon lake which took around 6 hours!! but we just sat in the cab and I slept most of the way heh. Today we went around sun moon lake by boat, bicycle and on foot which was quite fun! exercise day haha.

On a side note, it feels like half of Singapore is in taiwan omg I met odac while we were on the east rift valley tour (they were cycling then we drove past ahaha but I saw ruixiang) and saw shamen yesterday cos she cycled past my hotel! And my mum has met 2 or 3 colleagues/ ex-colleagues/ idk. Seriously everywhere you go can see/hear Singaporeans one!! Anyway ok on to the photos!

yesterday we drove along windy mountain roads for 6h!! to get to sun moon lake
碧綠神木, a 3000 year old tree!! lousy photo but the tree is cool
up in the mountains with lots of clouds and fog
ice on the slopes beside the road! it was 1.8 deg and v foggy
what we were supposed to see (the mountains labelled on the signboard) vs we could actually see (white, white and more white)
stopped at this super pretty (and expensive) hotel to take photos x)
view of a small part of sun moon lake from our hotel! can see the fishing boats
today we took a boat tour which stopped at 2 different places around the lake
today we took a boat tour which stopped at 2 different places around the lake
we walked this trail up to 玄奘寺 which was v pretty! but quite tiring omg alps has evidently not helped my fitness D:
lots of spiders there :O I managed to get some nice photos cos I was using the macro lens hehe
for lunch we walked around and bought a variety of food from random stalls x)
then we went cycling along the lake! happened to go past this hot air balloon while they were heating it up heh
making good use of the macro lens heh
sun moon lake!

[taiwan 2013] day 4-6: cloudy in hualien

We got a driver for the past few days to go around and we’d stop at pretty places, but it’s been quite cloudy and foggy so still amazing scenery but some parts not as nice for taking photos :(

on the train from taipei to 新城
v cool waves along 清水斷崖
love the colour of the sea!!!
not sure what the bridge is called but this photo was taken from the start of the shakadang (砂卡噹) trail
the trail basically follows a stream with really clear and nice water
view from our hotel in hualien
some famous bao shop!!
dessert :D
on day 5 we did a tour down the east rift valley. this is from some old japanese place I forgot what it’s called haha
we spent 1h going around liyu lake (鯉魚潭) in this super slow peddle boat
old railroads!
石头火锅 for lunch- my first time voluntarily eating so much fish and veggies but it was yummy!
ice cream at the guangfu sugar factory :D I’ve actually been eating icecream a lot hehe icecream in winter is v nice!
went to 瑞穗 but we didn’t really go around much, just saw some ostriches and cows and ate more icecream hahaha
雲山水, a super pretty place (my photos don't do it justice) though it's all man-made
雲山水, a super pretty place (my photos don’t do it justice) though it’s all man-made
the man-made lake is huge! and has ducks heh (on the far right is a hotel)
stacking rocks at 七星潭 x) it isn’t actually a lake, the water in the background is the pacific ocean!
east entrance to taroko national park
taroko gorge! we had to wear helmets while walking there in case rocks fall
the river water wasn’t that pretty but still nice!
天祥寺 which was too high so we decided not to climb up haha
red maple leaves!!!
leader village, it's like a resort run by people from the tribe there and the place is super nice
leader village, it’s like a resort run by people from the tribe there and the place is super nice!! they have stargazing stuff but it was too cloudy the night we were there D:

Yup finally done! I’m in sun moon lake now but that will be a separate post cos this is so long already