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Wow who is stalking me lol?? (Just now it was 81 views with 2 visitors but I didn’t take screenshot)

Some random stuff from the past weeks:

What’s the difference between a door and a jar? (answer below)

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Lemon tart!! Second time baking this, first time was at jc class bbq which seems super long ago haha. It was pretty good but I didn’t like the crust being so thick D:

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optical illusion

optical illusion

Which step is higher?

omg this is a completely unintentional optical illusion, cool or what x) this was a random photo but looking at it again, I realised that I was seeing it the wrong way despite knowing what the “correct” way is! fyi, in real life, the step at the top of the photo is higher than the one at the bottom (ie. the plant is in a concave space).