thoughts on 2018

2018 has been an exciting year with many firsts for me. First trips to US and Europe, working on cool stuff plus learning about entrepreneurship through my capstone project, and of course graduating and working and earning my own money!

Uni now feels so long ago hahaha and it feels strange being the first to graduate among my non-SUTD friends. I kind of miss uni life where company is just a “dinner tonight?” message away rather than having to plan and coordinate in advance like now. On hindsight I think I made the right choice in going to SUTD because I learnt a lot from all the projects I’ve done. Was helping Benji with his resume for applying for internships and I was pretty shocked when he said he didn’t have any projects from any mods to include, after 3 semesters doing computing.

Adulting has been interesting LOL there’s so much personal finance stuff to know that nobody really teaches you. Like the 1039842 different credit cards and savings accounts and types of insurance you should have. And how to invest your money. The whole concept of credit cards is quite weird to me… people who really need credit cards to pay for things they don’t have cash for shouldn’t be using them because the interest rate is 25% per month which is crazy high. And so people who are able to pay their bills on time and get cashback/miles seem to be benefitting at the expense of those people? Cos the banks can’t earn money from giving everyone 5% cashback when their transaction fee is only 2% right o__o Anyway I’ve done the research and DBS multiplier account is the simplest and best for fresh grads so just get that hahaha. And I’m still mostly using my DBS Visa debit card though I have the Live Fresh credit card too.

Umm what else. Work has been good, I don’t know how I was so lucky to get a job that pretty much ticks all of my ‘ideal job’ checklist that I came up with when I was researching jobs to apply for:

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[ALP week 1] hello from hangzhou!

I wanted to write a pre-ALP (asian leadership programme, my 3-month summer exchange in zhejiang university) post before coming here but lol the last few weeks really flew by and I’m here already so… I guess it shall be a start-of-ALP post instead.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 3 weeks since finals :o on the last day of term my class went to watch civil war (good!!) + LAN (bad, was very dizzy) + simpang supper (ofc good), then the next day had to check out of hostel already :( will miss my room and the nice view ahh hope I get a nice view next term too.

The week after that we had class outing to trampoline park plus bbq! Tramp park was fun but somehow didn’t feel as fun as the first time when I went with tiff sean and crew, I think cos we spent most of the time playing dodgeball only. But some of my classmates tried flips into the sponge pit and were not bad (Y). Bbq didn’t go that well cos we took really long to start cooking, plus security guards were being annoying eg. cannot move tables and chairs around, must wash the grill clean -> wit?!? but the turnout was good yay :)) someone commented “wah should have this at the start of the year before you know your classmates, cos by looking at who’s doing the bbqing and who’s sitting down waiting for people to feed them, you know who you should choose as groupmates” hahahha quite true.

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