weekly thoughts #6

Some updates on my life:

I went to London + the Lake District on a solo trip at the start of this month! I’d always thought it would be a good idea to go visit London when I know people studying there, but didn’t act on it earlier so cecilia is no longer there D: But I managed to meet up with sean and we went to Cambridge and met 2 other jc classmates! And I also met an ex-intern who’s just started uni in London, but he had only been staying there for like 2 weeks+ so he wasn’t any more familiar with London than me hahaha.

Anyway I’ll write another post with photos of my trip soon, but overall it was a fantastic trip and a good adventure doing it alone hahaha. London has tons of things to see/do including all the Harry Potter stuff which were awesome!!! And the Lakes was a really nice break from the city- I love being in the “mountains” :D

My timing for this trip was kind of bad, cos I’ve been working on this personal alert button project (links) with a few others. And this period is the crunch time, where we have to make sure everything is working for our end-to-end and stakeholder tests before the buttons are deployed for trial! So I basically pangseh-ed my team to go on holiday while they were working weekends and late nights :X feels bad man. I tried to finish the part I was doing before leaving, but there was just too much and I only finished 2/3 of it? So I had to pass the remaining work to the rest when I left, but they were so busy with other stuff also that one guy did a bit of it but when I came back 1.5 weeks later I still had to continue on the same thing HAHA. Quite sucky to come back from holiday only to jump back in to the deep pile of work :/ I got back on tues afternoon, went back to work on wed, and stayed up late on thurs night to finish my web app for friday morning testing loool. Very reminiscent of last-min-project-chionging times at SUTD :’)

Oh yeah it’s been a year since I started work already!! I got a promotion woohoo :D (it’s a more or less standard, time-based promotion for fresh grads after 1 year but whatever, still nice)

Last update is that I’m trying to eat vegetarian! Because I think the conditions in which animals are raised and killed for meat are horrible, and I don’t think that the minutes of pleasure I get from eating meat per meal are worth more than the animals’ lives. Also trying to consume less dairy milk because although cows aren’t directly killed in producing milk, commercial dairy farming is pretty screwed up too. It’s been surprisingly easy replacing my dairy milk at home with soy milk! And cheaper too ><

[cali 2018] part 2: winding roads and giant trees

Oops, finishing up my trip posts has been on my to-do list for some time but the last few weeks have been busyyyy. But it’s recess week now and I’m super free so gonna write about the next part of our trip before I forget! We decided to go to Sequoia National Park over the more famous Yosemite mainly because Yosemite was a few hours further away, and from looking at the photos Joe and I concluded that Sequoia = giant trees while Yosemite = giant rocks. And we were more interested to see the trees so yup.

So we set off in the late morning from FJ’s place and drove northwards. Most of the way was on highways that seemed to go on forever, like gmaps would literally say “continue straight for 100km”. The journey was supposed to be a 3.5h drive I think but we ended up taking around 5h including lunch, toilet and petrol stops :/


Once we entered the park from the Ash Mountain entrance it became windy mountain roads~


There was some event celebrating native American culture which we didn’t have time to go see, but because of that the park’s entrance fees were waived that day! We didn’t even know there were entrance fees LOL but yay for free entry :D

Anyway, the park is named for its Sequoias which are the giant redwood trees. And they’re seriously hugeeee.

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[cali 2018] part 1: city of angels

I just spent my 2 week term break in California with Joe! For some reason (probably cheaper airfare) we only flew off on Wed morning, and had to come back for start of school so we actually only had 9 full days there. And we packed a lot into those 9 days – visited Los Angeles, Sequoia national park, San Francisco, and Mountain View for Google I/O – so it was a really fun, but tiring trip.

Day 1: Universal Studios Hollywood

Our flight left Singapore at 2am on 2nd May, but because of the 15h time difference, after an insanely long flight, we landed at LA at 6am on the same day. Luckily we were staying with FJ so she picked us up from the airport! We crashed at her apartment for an hour before taking an Uber to Universal.


The first thing we did was the studio tour! Since unlike USS, USH is actually located at a real movie studio site, so the studio tour is a tram that goes around the sound stages and filming sites.


An outdoor city scene:


There was some cool jaws and king kong “4D” experiences too!

After the studio tour, we went to Harry Potter World aka the part I was looking forward to most!!

It’s Hogsmeade!!

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so close yet so far

Haven’t posted in months lol. But I think I’ve been posting at least once every term and this term is ending soon so gotta keep up the streak xD

2 more weeks to term break!!

This term started out well (taking computer vision, graphics and visualisation, making maps, and capstone), with finally more interesting content. But omg I’m v sian now because each mod has a project and with each project comes a report + presentation in addition to developing the actual product. And all of the presentations are next week but our actual work isn’t even completed yet… so not looking forward to chionging everything next week :'( but I can’t wait for it to be over ahaha

In better news, I’m going to California during the 2 week break!! Super excited cos I’ve never travelled so far before, and it’s with joe and we’re going for google i/o (google’ s developer conference at their office in SF)! It honestly feels quite random- this trip is only happening because I took part in a Google codejam for women (an online programming competition) for fun, and turns out I scored in the top 150 so I won a free ticket to Google i/o plus 500usd travel reimbursement. And it was just nice during my holiday, so why not right? And joe managed to get a student ticket to the conference too! We’re going LA and SF mainly, and sequoia national park which has humongous trees that look really cool. Anyone got any tips/recommendations for things to do around there pls tell me :D

[thailand dec’16] markets & temples

Went to Ayutthaya, Bangkok and Chiangmai (ABC!) for my family’s end of year holiday!

Most of the trip can be summarised in 2 words: markets and temples LOL. Pretty much all my photos are of temples cos I didn’t want to carry the dslr around for the other stuff.

Highlights of the trip:

Food: had lots of mango sticky rice and thai milk tea! We ate at night markets/ roadside stalls quite a few times also, was v yummy and cheap 8) Most memorable was the first night in bangkok where we all went around to buy different stuff and ended up with too much food hahaha. The pork leg rice at chiang mai was goooddd too

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[ALP week 7-8] yellow mountain red village

So last week I took a 3.5h bus from hangzhou to go climb the famous 黄山!! I posted some photos on fb already (go see if you haven’t!) and they summarise most of the trip but just gonna write a bit here too.

I was the one mostly planning the trip for my class so I researched a lot before we went, but even after all that huangshan was still kinda different from what I’d expected. But anyway I think we were super lucky + made some good decisions that led to a pretty good trip, all things considered:

– there were 13 of us altogether but because some people had class on wed (the day I wanted to go) and some people didn’t want to spend so much money, we split into 3 separate groups and walked around on the mountain separately too. I’m so glad we agreed to just split up, making decisions with a group of 6 people was hard enough lol can’t imagine trying to move around with soo many people. And we unintentionally met each other on the 西海大峡谷 the second day, took some photos, walked together for a bit then separated again cos we were going to diff places and walking at diff speeds hahaha

– cablecar-ing up the east side, staying at 白鹅山庄, then walking down the west side. When going down, we walked down stairs for like 1h before we reached the top cable car station i.e. if we’d taken cable car up the west side, we would’ve had to climb up stairs for probably 2h while carrying all our things before reaching the hotel. siaoo

– had reasonably good weather up on the mountain! On the first day when we first got up the mountain it was rly foggy

_DSC0994 edited.jpg
cable car-ing in the fog

but luckily after we put our things down at the hotel and went out again, it got a bit better

_DSC0012 edited.jpg
after some dehazing in lightroom (there’s really a setting called Dehaze LOL it works v well)

then we got to see a pretty sunset just outside our hotel, and at night the sky was totally clear so there were a lot of stars!!! :D

_DSC0088 edited.jpg
me with the stars! the cloudy patch above my right hand is the milky way

My one regret is not staying up later that night to take star trails lol. Cos I thought should just go back and sleep earlier to wake up early for the next day’s sunrise, then the next night can stay up to take star trails

_DSC0323 edited
but NOPE. the second night to third day morning was all foggy and rainy

Luckily we got to see one nice sunrise on the second day! We woke up super early and were one of the first people to reach the viewpoint so we camped at the good spots in front hehe.

_DSC0149 edited.jpg
Sunrise at 光明顶! But sad that got no railing to put camera on, otherwise can take timelapse

Overall I wasn’t thaaat impressed by the views cos… it was foggy most of the time, but even when it’s clear everywhere kinda looks the same after a while….? hahahaha. I think I’ve been spoilt by the mountains in australia from ALPs (lol interestingly my 2 major sch trips so far have the same acronym, Adventure Leadership Programme/ Asian Leadership Programme – ok only the first word is different and they both happen to start with A HAHA). But yeah at huangshan marvin said “china mountains very different from angmoh mountains hor” and ya seems like it’s true.

After climbing down huangshan some of us stayed at 宏村 for one extra night, I figured since we’re there already might as well just stay one more day and chill/ explore abit (and accommodation is cheap once you’re off the mountain). It’s quite a nice village! Not that much to see other than the lakes and red lanterns haha but we just went to a cafe and ate waffles and gelato whooo / yilei wrote and sent her postcard.

The last day was very random lol we tried to walk to 塔川 (another nearby village) but got intercepted along the road by a woman who said that 塔川 is only pretty in autumn so there’s no point going there now, and she convinced us to take her car to go to the bamboo forest. After huangshan we thought we’d had enough of stairs for a while but guess what?? the bamboo forest turned out to be more like a bamboo mountain with never-ending STAIRS again. We died.

Then we went back to hongcun for lunch and met jiacheng and eliz (and smuggled them in using our tickets >D), then took the woman’s car again (long story but basically she kept pestering us and it was raining etc so we were just like aiya okok). And we got a lesson in how china works through back doors hahaha. The bus tickets back to hangzhou are supposed to cost 90yuan if you buy at the bus station, but the woman had a friend there who let us take it for 70yuan by getting straight on the bus without going through the station, and paying her directly. She literally drove in to the bus parking place (which had a “no entry except buses” sign right there) where we got quickly shooed up the bus and she immediately asked us for payment. And all this happened in like 10min, from the time the woman contacted her friend to the bus leaving the station to go to hangzhou. We were all like wow wtf is going on. But yeah we got back safely and all is well LOL

Gonna compile my huangshan video soon!! Look out for it on fb hehe

This week has been boring and uneventful in comparison haha I’ve been working on the app for our project and it’s coming along well!

Down to the last 4 weeks here already :'(

the president’s office

On 初二 my family decided to go to the istana! Apparently we went before but it’s probably really long ago so I don’t remember at all. Uh I have not much to say so here are some photos I took there

the queue was some long snake near the entrance of the istana and it stretched all the way to outside plaza sing!! we queued for around 45min I think
the istana gates :O
the inside is just a huge open space! the actual istana building is further in, on the left side of the photo
it’s like the president’s private botanic gardens haha there’s even a pond
really nice blue sky and the flag flying in the distance!
yay symmetry
look at the crowd!!

Sorry the last three photos are just typical symmetrical uncreative shots haha but I still like them! We didn’t get to see inside the building cos it was near the closing time already D:

sunset-ish haha
there was a whole bunch of guards having some phototaking thing? then they marched off
view from the istana x)

Overall nothing much lah haha but it’s interesting to go and see at least once!

Korea day 12: home sweet home

I’m back!! Today was all just travelling but for the sake of completeness I shall write about it.

We woke up at 5, packed, ate bread, checked out, took a taxi to Seoul station, then took the airport railway to incheon (took an hour and it was not very crowded so we got seats and slept heh). It took a while to walk to the check in place, and luckily my father already researched it so we went to do the self check-in. The normal queue was super long and slow! And even then we had to rush because we had to queue to get inside, then wait again for bag check, then we still had to go take the shuttle thing to get to our boarding gate at the concourse. So we were just on time, when we reached the gate it was final call already but actually inside the plane half the passengers weren’t even there yet!

I was quite hungry so for once I actually finished everything on the tray! After the meal I slept for the rest of the flight because there wasn’t anything I wanted to watch. We lost one hour because Seoul is ahead of Hong Kong haha so reached at 11+ and walked around/ ate lunch/ used their free wifi until our next flight. Which also got delayed because the family sitting in front of us was missing! Quite funny the pilot announced something like “you may have noticed that our departure time has come and gone, that’s because we’re waiting for about 5 passengers who have disappeared. But we’re in the process of finding their luggage and throwing it out” hahaha but luckily they came soon and we finally left for Singapore! Oh and we got haagen dazs chocolate ice cream 8D

Reached changi at 6 plus, took a taxi back, then everyone changed into shorts and we went to eat hor fun and hokkien mee etc and I finally drank my ice lemon tea again heh :D then we came back and unpacked and my mother made me put a face mask cos my face is peeling because of the dry weather D:

All the food we brought back

Ok yay end of travel posts! I’m not particularly looking forward to getting back to normal life cos I have nothing much to do actually @__@ should I get a job?

Korea day 11: back to seoul

(Writing this on the 14th but our hotel only has free wifi at the lobby so I’ll post tomorrow morning)

We took the bus back to Seoul today, the journey was 3h+ and I slept pretty much the whole way xD oh before that we took a cab to the bus station but when we reached, the 920 bus just left so we had to wait half an hour. But the waiting place was smelly so we went to walk around outside, found a small supermarket and bought ice cream :D uhh the ice cream was very hard hahaha but otherwise eating ice cream outdoors in winter is quite fun!

It was raining in Seoul when we reached, and the rain continued for the whole day D: it was a very gloomy day but luckily the rain was quite light. And also it meant that today wasn’t as cold as the other 2 days but meh if it was colder it would have snowed!

We ate porridge at the bus terminal then took subway + taxi to our hotel. When we reached it was already 3 plus, and we booked 2 rooms (each one for 2 people) but they gave us a free upgrade to 2 bigger rooms (for 3 people kind)!

Then we went back to namdaemun market to collect our glasses. Oh I forgot to say last time that my power increased D: but it doesn’t make me dizzy or anything so yay I can see clearer now! And brighter because my old lenses were kind of yellow hahaha

After that we had no particular aim so we just walked around and bought random stuff like seaweed, sunflower seeds, face masks stuff and nail polish, then ate dinner and came back.

(oh man triple town sucks now, I finished up all the turns so I have to wait for it to load more turns, and max it can load is 150 so I can only play for short spurts :(( )

I made a floating castle thing!!

Korea day 10: snowboarding (again)!

I fell down more than 50 times today. Not even exaggerating okay, 50 is definitely an underestimate. But I’m fine! Only a few were major falls lah and major falls just means I crashed on my butt very painfully. Hope I don’t get blue blacks on my butt because that would hurt whenever I sit down @__@

We woke up at 7 plus/8 this morning and had toast with eggs and bacon for breakfast! By the time we finished breakfast, got ready to leave, rented and wore everything and actually stepped onto the ski field, it was already 10. We got the whole day chairlift pass today because it only takes 6 trips up to make it worth it (as compared to getting one-time passes for each time, which we did yesterday because we only went up once). Practised sideslips and pendulums for the first few times, then I started trying to link the turns.

By the end of today I could more or less do the S thing! Still quite cautious and purposely slowing down a lot but not bad already lah :D sorry no cool tricks hahaha

A scary near-disaster happened today. I’m just going to recount what I saw so.. One of the times when we were going down, I fell down and sat there resting for a while, and I saw some people near me looking up at the chairlift. It was not moving and there was a person who had somehow fallen from the seat and was hanging on to the bar at the bottom where you rest your skis. He (I assumed it was a guy) was struggling and squirming around a lot which I thought was very weird cos wouldn’t that make it harder to hold on? And there were two other people on the other side of that chairlift but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. At first the person was trying to get his skis off, then after they dropped down he just kepy squirming around up there while more ski patrol people came. Then the whole chairlift system started going backwards. I thought they wanted to reverse all the way down cos they were quite near the bottom, quite near as in relative to the whole chairlift length but not actually that near. But after moving 10m or so it stopped. Err idk if this sounds very morbid but I was fascinated so I went down the slope a bit to see from nearer. Actually the person wasn’t that that high up, my father later estimated that the chairlift was about 4m above ground at that part, so the drop is one storey ish. Won’t die one lah.

Anyway the ski patrol people were bringing the orange mats to below the guy. He wasn’t suspended over the slope itself but kind of beside it, so the people below had to get through the fence and stomp through the snow, which was soft because that part isn’t part of the slope and the snow doesn’t get packed down. Plus it was a bit inclined so it seemed quite hard for them to get there. But after they brought the orange mats up it was quite okay, I couldn’t see what they did with the mats but I inferred that the guy was going to let go and land on the mats lah. So yeah he did, but before he dropped he was squirming very frantically and I realised that he was actually hanging there by his clothes, which somehow got hooked on the bar. Which was soooo lucky for him omg! After he dropped down his jacket was left hanging up there. I didn’t actually see the catching part but my father said they made a slope with the orange mats, so the person landed on the higher side and rolled/slid down to break the fall. I thought this was a very good idea!

After that some of the ski patrols started to leave and I couldn’t tell what was happening so I continued down the slope. Then simin and I quickly went up the chairlift again to see what was going on, and when we passed over that part we saw a girl lying on a mat looking very scared and a guy bending over her. So we figured that person was actually a girl! As in not a kid but not that old lah. She must’ve been super traumatised :/ at that time a snow vehicle was going there with a stretcher thing but we didn’t manage to see them using it. After we snowboarded down again there was nobody left there except a few snow patrols tying the orange mats back (the mats supposed to be for protecting people from the poles and stuff but I guess they untied the ones near there to use).

Thennn life went on as usual except at the end of the day we saw an ambulance next to the ski house. I hope the girl is alright!