[ALP week 2-4] fun stuff + shanghai x2

(written on friday but couldn’t post)

Last week I started writing a post but it DIDN’T GET SAVED cos my internet disconnected. Bleh.

So anyway this is my 4th week in China, I’ve gotten used to life here which includes cabbing to yuquan every other day for lessons/meetings and cabbing almost everywhere else too cos can claim, crossing the road in a yolo way, ponning useless classes, hanging out in the IDI or nuaing in my room, checking the weather forecast to decide whether I should wear slippers or shoes, using baidu instead of google for search/maps/translate, having to use VPN for snapchat/fb/insta, ordering stuff from taobao, and last but not least all the good+cheap+convenient food from family mart (they have v nice onigiri and not bad bento sets that they can heat up for you)/ delivery (fried chicken burger and blackball delivered right to your doorstep block in 30min)/ canteen (actually I rarely eat at the canteen even though the food is not bad and basically free with sch card lol)/ going out to eat!

Some photos that sum up ALP so far (see my fb album for the legit photos, these are mostly unedited and taken with my phone/ saved from snapchat):

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