galaxy macarons

One good thing about my internship is that outside of time in the office, I don’t have to think about or do anything related to my work. So I’ve been having a lot of free time at home to do my own stuff! Which includes running ~twice a week, reading books (finished the selfish gene, norwegian wood and the time traveler’s wife so far, now re-reading TCIOTDITNT), trying to learn a few songs on the piano (which I haven’t touched in years LOL), and of course baking! I’ve wanted to try making macarons for a long time but never got round to it because it seemed hard and time-consuming. But yeah I finally decided to try baking them a few weeks ago. I looked through a whole bunch of recipes/ tutorial videos and decided to follow this recipe, and it’s really legit hehe my macarons rose nicely and had feet like they’re supposed to!!

Ok time for picture spam!

My first batch – was afraid of over-mixing but ended up not mixing enough, so the batter wasn’t runny enough and it didn’t spread out and smoothen nicely. But they rose anyway!!

IMG_20170527_155636 edited_500px IMG_20170527_160320 edited_500px

I mixed the next batch for a longer time so the consistency was better, and they turned out nicely!! I added a bit too much food colouring for the blue one but the colours fade after baking so it was still okay.

IMG_20170527_162121 edited_500px IMG_20170527_175658 edited_500px

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sweet and salty

Today I discovered the amazingness of homemade salted caramel!!! It’s quite easy to make and soooo gooodd.

unfortunately the photo is not as good.

I had leftover whipping cream from the blackforest cake last week so I was searching for stuff to make with it and found this! Was a bit skeptical cos I always thought making caramel wasn’t that easy (usually need candy thermometer so that you don’t overcook the sugar or something) but I just tried it and it turned out v yummy hehe. I kept dipping a spoon into the pot to “test” while it was cooking xD

freshly made salted caramel sauce + brownies :)

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no bake yumz [4 ingredient choc tart]

Made no bake oreo chocolate tarts with jolene on friday! I don’t make tarts much cos they usually need some type of cream (whipping/ heavy/ idk what else there is) which I have to specially go and buy, but these have only 4 super basic ingredients and are amazingly easy to make!!

1228 tart bw
pac man!!!
1228 tart
haagen dazs salted caramel at the back 8) (though even I think it’s overly sweet)

Recipe by jolene:

No Bake Chocolate Tart
makes 2-3 small tarts or 1 normal-sized tart

Tart crust:
1 roll oreo cookies (137g) or about 150g digestive biscuits (I like the digestives version more)
50g butter
Melt butter and crush cookies into crumbs. Mix together, mould into tart pan then freeze.
200g dark choc chips
50ml milk
50g butter
Warm milk and butter, pour over choc chips and set for 5 min, then stir till homogenous. Pour into tart crust and freeze.

When you have a chocolate craving, go make this!! No need for expensive tarts at cafes that aren’t even that great (ahem ewf)

mathernoon mothernoon

Can’t wait for cny!!! My house is accumulating food now but most of it isn’t opened yet = cannot eat until cny D: I came home early today for the first time in a while thanks to short (but tutorial-packed) friday timetable, and decided to make chocolate cornflake clusters! It was superr sweet at first cos of the golden syrup, so I added cocoa powder to make it less sweet and more chocolatey and it kinda worked but it’s still pretty sweet. Anyway it made so much- I almost used up a whole box of cornflakes!!

Made apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning cos I woke up early and was surprisingly very awake! Sadly that awake-ness didn’t last haha by the end of the day I went back to being tired, didn’t help that h3 was quite useless lol I did chem during the lecture, then tutorial was very meh also so I ended up doing chem too hahaha. Our tutor is some china guy and he just went through all the tutorial qns on the board, but since we alr did them it was really slow. But good thing is I finished half of chem tutorial LOL for ionic equilibrium you really need to try doing some questions, then only you’ll get some idea of what’s going on. Had don’s pies for dinner with sean, it was yummy and surprisingly filling!

Not sure if/when you’ll see this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CECILIA!!! Sorry I suck I haven’t made your card yet D: beatrice and I shared a slice of cake but we didn’t plan how to surprise her so it ended up some weird thing after assembly hahaha

My classmates are surprisingly funny sometimes like cos today was mathernoon, like an “afternoon of math” thing organised by math soc which is supposed to be pronounced like math-ter-noon. But jansen and benny called it “mothernoon” which caught on very quickly so everyone just called it mothernoon the whole day hahahaha except poor jiun harn the math soc vice chair who kept trying to correct it to math-ter-noon xD

jofatty’s ombre red velvet cake

Decided to try baking a red velvet cake for jolene’s birthday! I don’t actually know what red velvet is supposed to taste like haha but I just tried out this recipe. It wasn’t as chocolately as I’d expected (although I already added more cocoa powder) but it tasted interesting and texture was v good :D

had (quite) a lot of time before training so I tried to frost it nicely
heart made of hearts :D
quite-successful ombre whooo

Didn’t manage to get a nice photo cos I was rushing to leave home D: and no photo of the inside of the cake also but meh it wasn’t very red anyway whoops. But overall I think this is the prettiest cake I’ve ever made (also the one I spent the longest decorating so I’m glad it turned out well)! Happy birthday jofats hope you liked it :))

Training was normal except jacknives were particularly bad, did backlay and barani and it felt about the same as before the long break? So yeah overall not bad except I sprained my ankle not even doing anything but just while I was bouncing off to the side of the tramp after jumping -____- reudi ran all the way to pe dept to get ice omg stupid boy! And it was v funny how everyone crowded around to avoid jumping and jiaolian ordered dawn to 安慰 me HAHAHA